She looks so happy, and Artemis is SO PROUD.

He surprised her with this too. I see Minako being really pretty nervous about all this. Her integrating with the group, it’s not an easy thing for her. (Again, just look at how damned long it takes.) I have no doubt she wanted to make an impression. She’s MINAKO. But it’s so, so important to her that she get in good with these people, it’s the most important thing, and already there’s so much expectation and distance between them.

Artemis though, he’s so fucking proud of Minako. She didn’t just survive, she THRIVED, and here she is, after this long, painful, lonely journey. And she’s done so well and she’s learned so much, and he’s fit to burst, and he JUST CAN’T KEEP IT IN.

His speech, this passionate introduction, was totally spontaneous. And maybe later Minako will tell him he shouldn’t have (while she’s hugging him so so tight for having done it), and Artemis won’t care because this is Sailor V, THIS IS SAILOR FUCKING V, and she deserves every word.