Mercedes Jones+ wanting to be true to herself

Oh heck why not, I’ve put the P5 school uniform plaid pattern on Spoonflower if anyone is interested in custom-printing the fabric. I haven’t been able to find a good match in commercial stores.

The repeating pattern is 4.875” × 4.875” 2.625” × 2.625” wide. 1 yard of 42” wide fabric should be sufficient for making a single girls’ uniform skirt with 26” waistband and 16 knife pleats. I’d personally go with cotton poplin or sateen for the skirt and the twill for pants.

Please message me if you’d like a bigger or smaller pattern.

Update: Changed pattern size (smaller now) due to request.

I had a dream in which me and my sis were arrested with a bunch of people and in the end we all were in like… a really weird helicopter… from what we could only get out with help so the pilot said “hold on they’re already coming to rescue you all” and “they” were the Arsenal squad???? and who rescued me was Kieran and the pilot said “you can talk to them so they’ll contact your parents to pick you up here” and instead of asking him to call my mom we took a bunch of selfies together then I said “wow ok I love you so much keep up the good work!!!” and he said “wow thank you have a good 2011” what does this mean