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So I'm totally back!


Hey everyone! BMT is officially over. I’m at Tech School now, which means more freedom, more joy, and more time on the Internet! After five-ish, duty hours are done and I am free to roam the base! And guess what’s right down the road? Around the corner? The Student Activity Center, with gaming consoles and free wifi!

So far, this place seems pretty fab. Way better than BMT at any rate (not that that’s saying much but w/e). I missed you all, and can’t wait to get back to talking about the tragedy that is Stucky!

reposting a FB status such is my desperation

Okay, my previous status pleas have yielded some very kind suggestions that haven’t totally panned out, so here’s a new strategy: if any of you (ANY OF YOU, please answer this status) do anything to help the environment in any capacity, what is it? I’m applying for jobs and am not liking my chances for the ones I’ve applied for yet but I have to keep going and I need ideas. Organizations? People you know? Please don’t tell me to be a grant writer or I’ll cry. Anything that you do/know of that’s based on SOLUTIONS with actual results, no matter how micro, would be great. (Not looking to spread ~awareness.) This status brought to you by tonight’s existential crisis.

^ That was the status, and another note of explanation: as you may have noticed, I freaking hate my current job (the tag is “complicated job feelings” but it’s really not that complicated anymore) and also hermit life is ending in less than two months and I have NO PLAN. I’ve applied to nine jobs in the last week but my chances at the ones I actually want (and probably at the ones I don’t) are not super great. 

I’m fixated on the environment because honestly I have spent too much time freaking out about it for it not to have meant anything? Ugh, I don’t know if that makes sense, but that’s how I feel. Basically the old Mental Health Issues had me unhealthily immobilized with fear about environmental stuff a few years back, and then I sought help and became able to feel hopeful again, but I am not okay with the idea that I can just be like “well I’m better now don’t have to care about that anymore.” 

In the beautiful ideal universe in my head, my job is writing and my volunteer work is environmental, but writing does not pay me (really want to add yet to that, so yet) and I don’t think I can juggle paid job, writing, and volunteering, so I’m trying to make the paid job environmental even though I’m kind of qualified for precisely nothing. (I also cannot stress enough how much I need to have a different paid job from the one I have now because I can feel myself edging ever closer to just quitting and even though I don’t think I’ll actually do that before I have another job, the effort NOT to do that is becoming overwhelming.) 

Uh, so yeah - help? Any ideas. Any, any, any ideas. If you do anything green or greenish at all, or your brother’s roommate’s cousin’s fiance does, please let me know. And also thanks for letting me bare my anguished soul because at least now I’ve stopped crying and can go to sleep. (Wasn’t kidding about the existential crisis.) I’m flailing as hard as I can over here trying to figure out what to do, but if someone could point me in a direction to flail in, that would be amazing.

When you really want something online and keep looking for it for hours even though you deeply inside know you’ll never get it… :’(

Me after 2 ish hours of browsing the internet:
Come on! It gotta be somewhere to get the markiplier PJ pants!!! Maybe someone have them and don’t want them anymore? … *stops* what am I thinking? Nobody in their right mind would sell their amazing markiplier PJ pants! :’(

Have a Ninefold being tired as all getout.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it on this blog or not, but last October I managed to get a job after graduating College [with a degree in Hotel Lodging Management] in May of 2014. 

Because of the recent lack of people [either quitting/dropping off the face of the earth because of School/Classes or having a very slim chance to work..] my hours got nearly doubled. So I’m sitting just shy of what is legally Full Time [while Full Time for my job is said to actually be 37 hours a week but it’s probably dedicated hours.]…which after tomorrow will be after a 30~ish hour week. I’m hoping to Glademom I’m not going to be stuck working another 5 days in a row…

mizumew replied to your post:Booked my flight to Japan, hoorah! Now I’m…

From personal experience, I’d go for the $50 extra. Better to be safe and sure you can get to and from and not get stuck.

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking, too. I’m just really annoyed that it has to be the one slightly more expensive flight, orz, but…it’s true that I don’t want to be really stressed about the connection OR stuck at LAX for a ridiculous amount of time after 10-ish hours on a plane already. At least it’s not a more significant price difference, but I’m just being a cheapskate, haha.