A New Wave of Black Filmmaking: Experimental and Black Speculative Indie Films

A brief survey of the contemporary Black independent film scene yields a long and ever-growing list of experimental and Black speculative (including horror, Afrofuturism, sci-fi, fantasy, fan fiction) short cinema, film trailers, music videos, and other film projects


South African Superheroes - ‘Kwezi’ The New Comic Book From Artist Loyiso Mkize

Check out ‘Kwezi’, the new comic book series which is getting rave reviews over in South Africa and and now world wide.
Created by acclaimed artist Loyiso Mkize, the series is centered on 19 year old Kwezi, a typical South African youngster - immersed in popular youth culture - who develops a connection with his traditional roots,. Mkize says, “It is the journey of a young man.
He starts off as an arrogant, opinionated anti-hero who discovers and appreciates his superpowers … the cultural aspect brings him back to his roots.” 


Afrofuturism appreciation post part 2 (see part 1)

Arguably, one of the most familiar memes of science fiction is that of going to foreign countries and colonizing the natives… for many of us that is not a thrilling adventure story; it’s non-fiction and we are on the wrong side of the strange-looking ship that appears out of nowhere.
—  Excerpt from preface to “So Long Been Dreaming”, by Nalo Hopkinson