David Hammons grew up in Illinois, but he moved to New York City when he was in his thirties.  That is where his “African American Flag” hangs - above The Studio Museum of Harlem.  Even though Hammons isn’t originally from New York, I think the fact that he places his art there shows that the city has become a part of his culture.



Remember that “African American” flag?

Well, it’s upside-down now, on various articles of clothing.

Follow the above link.

(a) The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

^^^ The above is printed on the back of most of the spreadshirt clothes I designed.

Indeed I have college debts to pay, but I’d also like to use the money to help support this school for Black children.

So I had an idea…

If you want to support the school, you should buy the more elaborate clothing shirts from spreadshirt in the link above.

These clothes supposed to express your distress on behalf of Black people because of the police crisis, violence in our communities, and the ‘death’ of our heroes like Bill Cosby.

We are in a state of crisis, dress like it, AND support Black business//lives the same time.

That, or simply wear the flag right-side-up unapologetically.

If you want to financially support me personally, you can buy the basic “African American Flag” clothing from teespring.

You’re grown. Spend your money in whatever way feels right.

Or… simply donate to the school.