african dwarf frog

I think I need to change my stance on putting african dwarf frogs in with other fish from “exercise with caution” to “just don’t do it”

There isn’t a lot of good dwarf frog knowledge out there so I haven’t been able to educate myself on them that much, but when I really think about it, it’s not good for the frogs at all

I’ve always looked at it from the stance of “does it hurt the fish” and it doesn’t really, no, I’ve heard a few rare cases of frogs nipping betta fins but those are rare cases, but when you look at it from the stance of “does it hurt the frog” then it brings up a lot of dilemmas which need to be addressed

the most obvious issue is that dwarf frogs are really crummy at getting their food, the fish out compete them big time, the frogs need special treatment to eat, usually putting their food directly in front of their face for them to get any and even then a lot of ravenous fish will go down for it to get some

The less obvious issue is that fish like to nip, all fish are a little nippy, they see things they want to bite and they go in to bite it. While dwarf frogs tend to hide most of the time, they have to shoot up for air once in a while, and during that time it’s often that I see some inquisitive fish going for the legs. I’m guessing this is why so many of them tend to go with missing legs or bacterial infections on their feet. Even if the fish isn’t the direct cause of the infections and wounds, it’s not fair for them to be getting harassed when they go up for air.

A more obscure issue I have is the possibility of the frogs picking up a bit of left over fish food, and they are carnivores and very prone to bloat when they eat pellets or flakes. They should ideally only be consuming a frozen diet. I don’t mix my herbivorous cichlids with my omnivorous cichlids for that very reason. The herbivores can die from consuming too much omnivore food. Bloat can cause death and is a horrible way for an animal to go.

Overall the potential dangers and cons of keeping adfs with fish heavily outweigh the only benefit of “but I really want a frog and don’t want a seperate tank for them,” so I’m not gonna consider it a potential anymore. I never consider it okay to put an animal at risk because you really want it, and adfs should not be an exception to that.

Just keep the frogs with frogs, they’ll be happier that way.

Guys I’m gunna PROBABLY get african dwarf frogs!

So what I’m gunna do:

  • 2 african dwarf frogs, probably one albino
  • 2.5g tank
  • black sand
  • rocks?
  • plants?
  • no need for heater right? (My room should stay above 70)
  • what should I filter with? Probably a sponge.
  • will feed blood worms and brine shrimp (anything else frozen?) chopped earthworm

Advise me!