Black woman,

You are beautiful. Your skin is beautiful. Your hair, in all its curls and kinks and courseness, is beautiful. Your curves are beautiful.
You are worthy of affection and admiration. Just as worthy as any white woman, Hispanic woman, or Asian woman. You are just as beautiful as any other woman of any other ethnicity or nationality.

You are smart, you are strong, you are loved and wanted and desired.

Black woman, you are beautiful.

—  Me, just because I wanted to remind someone tonight. Maybe because I needed a reminder myself.


The greatness that is Angelina Jolie continues. My admiration for all of who she is, continues.

Directing/producing a new movie (next project after what she’s doing with her husband Brad right now - she wrote the movie, is directing and Brad is producing it) and her effect on getting more women screened for cancer comes about.

Good on ya Dame Angelina Jolie.

Chavron trade beads from Africa. 

Rare, 17th century, Chevron beads It is claimed that Maria Barovier “invented” the Rosetta bead in the late fifteenth century. It was later called a chevron bead by Northern European merchants. Rosetta beads have always played an important and valued role in trade with the colonies. They are present throughout Africa in ceremonial costumes and royal treasuries, and they are always considered valuable savings. Age of beads late 1800s - early 1900s.