Look at that pink section: “Healthy colonizable Africa, where European races may be expected to become in time the prevailing type, where essentially European states may be formed.”

"inhabited by fairly docile, governable races" for the pale gray region, jesus christ

Monsters, all of them, fucking monsters



Smithsonite var. Cobaltian from Namibia

"This style of smithsonite crystal is one of the absolute rarest, seldom seen. It features severely elongated transparent crystals that come to sharp and pointed terminations. The color is a pleasing, pastel pink in person, due to small traces of cobalt in the crystals. This style is distinctive for Tsumeb, but was only found a few times in the history of the mine."

by The Arkenstone

Let’s steal a car, and travel through Africa,

From the unforgiving deserts to the white sands of Madagascar.

Let’s leave our lives and just go,

Buy whatever we need from the side of the road.

Let’s battle the Sahara for the food in Dakar,

Or maybe Alexandria if you prefer that rather.

Let’s watch the sunset behind the pyramids,

And watch it rise again from the eye of a minaret.

Let’s wake up to the dance of a peacock.

Transfixed, we’ll stand and watch,

The beauty of a continent spread before our eyes.

Hidden from the people by their busy lives,

Tainted by their vice.

I hear the lions are cool in the savannah,

Make sure the monkeys don’t steal our food whilst texting your mother.

A parrot told me the Niger is rich,

We could find diamonds in the belly of a fish.

Today we meet the Hausas and they sing us praise songs.

Tomorrow the Ashantis welcome us with a rhythmic gong.

From the Masai we’ll learn the secret of the herd,

And if we get lucky sell a house to the Touareg.

I want to experience the traffic in Lagos,

Visit Timbuktu for the knowledge they’ve got.

We could really do with some saffron in Fez,

Count the stars from a rooftop in Marrakesh.

Let’s steal a car and runaway from nothing,

Cruise towards something.

One day I will do it Boubou,

I just hope it is with you.


Let’s Go – An Ode to Travel Across Africa, Hakeem Adam

An enterprising young Rwandan micro-entrepreneur

Jean-Claude Bizimana’s journey to entrepreneurship started in Nyamirama Sector, a poor neighbourhood in the outskirts of Kayonza, where he was born 27 years ago.

At only 15, he decided to venture into the business of repairing and cleaning shoes on the roadside much to the astonishment of his peers who poked fun at him.

“When I started the business, my villagemates laughed at me and sometimes hurled insults at me. It was so discouraging, but I gave it a try. Some people thought I was on the road to beg because there were no clients bring shoes for repair after all. I could spend hours without a client coming my way,” Bizimana says.

Today, the 27-year-old man is the proprietor of a vibrant enterprise that makes sandals from old tyres.

Growing up in his neighbourhood, Bizimana was part of the statistics — categorised as unemployed youth without employable skills. In his peri-urban area, some of his agemates were even in a more precarious situation as street children — perhaps the most vulnerable younger people in any society.

“The whole idea was to make something using my hands and using local materials to make finished products,” he says.

In addition to old tyres, he uses natural fibers and hand-made fabrics to make sandals for the local market.

His designs are popular and seem to change with the tastes of his clients in the local community.

Bizimana says that he makes about 10 pairs per day which he sells at between Rwf 1,500 and Rwf2,000.

Proceeds from this business have pushed Bizimana to tower above average folks in the community.

“I am doing well and looking forward to start up small scale industry in the future. I am working hard trying to expand my working facility. The demand is there; it’s up to me to take advantage and make more money,” Bizimana said.

Making a fortune

Bizimana, the father of one, has managed to build a family house, bought land on which he planted a banana plantation and is a proud owner of Toyata pick-up truck.

He says life has been improving since he started the tyre business, noting that he owes all this to hard work.

“I never resigned or took life for granted, but worked hard since ever since my parents died. I saved every single coin that was not spent on daily bread. I never had time for luxury in life but I don’t regret because it has helped me successfully manage my business,” Bizimana notes.