AU: based on the movie "10 Things I Hate About You." You have more than definitely developed feelings for Michael, but are too afraid to tell him and keep acting as if nothing had changed. Truth be told, Michael knew that you liked him and, maybe, the feeling was mutual. PART 2 

(part 1)             

the poem ends right there, but i kind of feel that i left it hanging. should i do a part 3? (probably am, idk) as usual, gifs not mine, credit to owners.

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You were waiting for your pregnancy test to give you answers. The way you felt and acted was like you were pregnant. Marc wasn’t home so it was perfect to make the test now.

You were cleaning the house for like 15 minutes and checked the test it had answers. You looked at it…you started to smile you were pregnant with Marc’s baby!. You weren’t afraid to tell him you knew he loved you.

You heard someone opening the door you rushed down and saw Marc he smiled at you and you smiled back.

"How are you?" He asked hugging you

"I’m good and you?" You asked

"I’m great" he said smiling

"I made a cake, do you want a LITTLE piece of it?" You asked

"Yes thanks" he said and you both walked to the kitchen

"And a LITTLE glass of Water?" You asked he frowned his eyebrows and nodded.

You gave him it

"Here’s a LITTLE piece of cake on a LITTLE plate a LITTLE glass of Water" you Said and Marc looked at you

"What’s wrong with you? Why do you say little so loud?" He asked and you smiled

"Guess" you Said

"Umm you Think that I’m short?" He sticked his tongue out

"Nope" you said

"Umm my body is too little?"

"No?" You Said and laughed again.

"Um, I dont know Y/N tell me!!" He said

You toke his Hands and placed it on your belly

"We’re gonna have a LITTLE one" you Said and he looked at you with big eyes and looked at your belly and smiled

"I’m gonna be a father" he whispered

"IM GONNA BE A FATHER!" He yelle and kissed you!

"And You’re the mother" he said smiling he couldn’t stop smile he was so happy.

What do you Think? To be honest I couldn’t really think of a special Way to tell sorry😁.

berenikecalvin said:

((If Artorias and Ornstein had a child because someone was eventually gonna ask.))

Name: Jack Daniels
Gender: Male
General Appearance: Tall and muscular, he stands above Ornstein, at the same height as Artorias. He has red, faux hawk styled hair. He is a shade darker than Ornstein.
Personality: Funny and charming. He never means harm and is generally very mediating, however not afraid to tell someone off. A natural leader.
Special Talents: This dude can talk to someone and they will follow him to the grave. He’s that good.
Who they like better: He likes them equally.
Who they take after more: Ornstein.
Personal Headcanon: His type is short, blonde girls that are cute but can snap his neck. He loves the thrill. Wonder who he gets that from.

By Request: Mike is too afraid to tell you how he feels.

I assume by this he feels in love, so whoever sent this in, correct me if I’m wrong!  As is, here we go:

Mike could feel his hands break out in a cold clammy sweat.  Oh no, here we go again, he thought, wiping them off on his jeans.  He looked in your direction, noting the swoop of your hair and the way your eyes scanned the crowd in the busy restaurant, sharp eyes that reminded him of a hawk’s.  He admire those eyes so.

"Go on," Davy murmured, "talk to her."  He had his eyes on a girl on the other side of the room, his love of the day.  Or maybe only the hour…

Mike took a deep breath, did his best to make his hands less clammy, and walked in your direction.  He seemed to shrink shyly when you spotted him.

"Hello," he said as he approached you.  He offered a smile, one that you returned.  Oh good, at least I got a smile, he thought, That’s something anyway.

He took a seat across from you, looking down and fiddling his thumbs. a nervous trait that was very uncharacteristic for him.  ”So…” he drawled, “I’m glad you made it.”

You smiled.  ”I was beginning to think you weren’t going to.”

He ducked his head bashfully.

"I’m glad you did," you continued, noting that his head popped up again and his eyes sparkled.

"Yeah? I… Thank you," he replied awkwardly, clearing his throat.  He wanted so bad to tell you, to get it out in the open, but didn’t want to mess anything up.  He already had you as a friend, and he would be an idiot to lose his most valued friendship.  At the same time, he wanted so much to say it, say how he really felt, and see if you felt the same.  "You know… You look very nice today."

You blush a little.  ”Thanks, Mike.  You do, too.”

"You look nice every day," he added, then paused before continuing, "There’s… there’s something I want to tell you."

"What is it?" you ask, thinking you might know the answer.  He hadn’t been doing a great job of hiding it, leaving little hints in the way he talked to you, the way he acted around you.  His eyes gave it away with the sneak peaks he took out of the corner of his vision, his lips twitched when he was with you, as if wanting a kiss.  His attention focused on you more than anything.

He looked around, almost in a panic.  ”I… Oh it’s nothing.  Nevermind.”

"No," you beg, "Tell me.  What is it?"

He shook his head.  ”It’s stupid.”

You place a hand over his on the table, holding it supportively, butterflies flitting around in your stomach as they did the same in his.  ”I’m sure it’s not stupid,” you argue softly.

With that, Mike’s face turns a blush red you’ve never seen on him before.  He takes a breath, encouraged by your supportive gaze.  He says your name, savoring each sound, each letter.  ”I… I think I love you.”  His heart pounded, his brain called the words back, wanting them to come back, to never have been said.  But it was too late.  The words he feared to say had escaped his lips, and weren’t going back.

He looked confused as your grin widened, then relief as you say back, “You know, I think I love you too, Mike Nesmith.”

anonymous said:

I've been suffering from depression for a while, my family knows but they don't know how bad it is or that I've been struggling back and forth between an alcohol dependence and self harm. I'm so sad all the time and I constantly lie to my therapist about all of this because I'm so afraid of being sent to a mental hospital. I'm horrified of a relapse and too afraid to tell my friends out of fear that they'll abandon me like my old ones. I'm 15.

Don’t be scared, sweetie. They can help you. You need to be truthful to your therapist, so they can actually help you - and you can recover. Tips to fight self-harm urges

How to stay positive

my mom has been surprising me lately with how chill she’s gotten about my tattoos, and about me getting more. When I was little she used to talk shit about them and stuff but I think now that she’s met more of my friends with them and loved them, and realized how happy they make me, and is starting to trust me more as an adult (took long enough) to make good super thought out choices she’s just like “as long as you don’t go nuts and go for the face & you’re fiscally responsible I won’t be mad”
I need to learn to be less afraid to tell her things because she is really starting to not treat me like a little kid any more, like I admitted I drank too much one night and she didn’t shame me like I expected I’m just like aw mom

I’m in a really good mood because last Thursday I was walking home with my friend and she was approached by one of her guy friends that I’d seen, but never talked to, before and we al talked for like 5 minutes and today another friend of mine came up to me and told me that he told her that he finds me really pretty and omfg AWWWWWWWWWWW I HAVEN’T STOPPED SMILING FOR 4 HOURS AND HE’S REALLY CUTE TOO 

and I am just so glad that that happened because I’ve been feeling really shitty lately and that just really made me happy. 

Don’t be afraid to tell anyone how you feel about anyone because it could give someone the will to carry on or to be happy 


And the fans are slowly spiraling down into the depths of insanity for another 5 months.