An Afghan girl reads from a booklet in an undated photo.

The portrait on the wall is from an iconic 1985 National Geographic magazine cover. It took 17 years to determine the name of the girl in the portrait: Sharbat Gula

In some countries, poorer countries especially, people used to get a bit sad when they had guests, because they had to feed them from their own food which was already scarce.

There’s a saying I read long ago which reminds us beautifully:

"Be not sorrowful of the guest, he eats of his own sustenance, but from your table spread”

Meaning: the food he eats as a guest was never your food, it was always written for him by Allaah, he is just eating his food from your table.


So all over the news in England everyone is celebrating the soldiers coming home and the war in Afghanistan ending and ofcourse mourning over the 453 British soldiers who died.


I’ve heard it repeated over and over today.

While every human life deserves to be Mourned, what about the 21,000 afghan civilians who have been killed?
Where is their news article or report?
Why isn’t 21,000 being drilled into our heads. 21,000 innocent lives.