This makes me laugh every. single. time.


Icaro Doria, a Brazilian man, working for a magazine in Portugal started this campaign using real data from the UN and flag images, he’s created whats known as Meet the World. The colors within the flags from its respective country are used to represent current, geographical relevant issues. Take a look.


As the U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan, woman fear they once again be confronted with the ills of society. Rape, physical abuse, kidnappings and gender discrimination are on the cards as Western forces leave. 

When a shepherd’s daughter from northern Afghanistan succeeded in sending the four policemen who had gang-raped her to jail, it seemed to be a turning point for Afghan women.

In May 2012, 21-year-old Lal Bibi from Kunduz was repeatedly raped for five days by local policemen. One of them had had a dispute with her cousin, and Lal Bibi was the object of their revenge.

Such stories, sadly common in Afghanistan, usually end there—with the girl shamed, unmarriageable and perhaps outcast in a shelter, while the perpetrators go free—for this is a society where men with guns have power.