How can Israel be said to kill Palestinian civilians? Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir herself affirmed in an interview:

“There were no such thing as Palestinians…. It was not as though there was a Palestinian people in Palestine considering itself as a Palestinian people, and we came and threw them out and took their country away from them. They did not exist.” (Richard Cavendish remembers Israel’s own Iron Lady)

Palestinians do certainly exist (Check #there_was_no_palestine collection), as most people know, and remain an inconvenient stumbling block to those who seek to implement the Zionist dream. In the words of Yosef Weitz, former Director of the Lands and Afforestation Department of the Jewish National Fund:

“…there is no room for two peoples in this country. If the Arabs leave it, that will satisfy us … There is no other way but to remove them all; there must not be a single village left, or a single clan …” (Yosef Weitz, Diary and Letters to My Sons, 1965)

Palestinians, young and old, are indeed being killed as we saw daily on our screens, or as a Gazan said, “we were dying slowly. Now we are dying instantly because of the F-16s and all the Israeli and American technology.”…

The Hall of Supreme Harmony tour in Beijing


The excellent courtyard is at the top part side of the Position of Excellent Stability. China tour packages The courtyard is 10,000 rectangular shape metres in place. The 33 personal room-units on each aspect were used as production features for preserving such items as fur, ceramic, silver, tea, silks and satins and clothing. Now I have a question for you.

The Position and the Courtyard of Excellent HarmonyThere are no vegetation here! Chinese suppliers is a town well afforested. It is quite uncommon that there are no vegetation in such a large place. There are some interesting aspects for this. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, the emperors signed up with to issues of situation or structured large activities mostly in the Position of superior Stability, a symbol of the imperial energy. The emperors considered themselves children of Heaven, designed to concept over the country, so they should take up the greatest place. Nothing was allowed to structure over the Position of Excellent Stability, and vegetation were no exception to this concept. Another objective was that the emperors scary that assassins might use vegetation as their covering places. A third objective was appropriate to Chinese suppliers numbers. A plant in a rectangular shape represents the term issues . The emperors were so unreasonable that they considered the vegetation in the courtyard were likely to bring no end of issues to the monarchy.More China tour tags :Lijiang tour

The Position of Excellent Stability (Taihedian), also known as the Position of the Amazing Throne (Jinluandian), is the greatest structure in the Banned City. The place itself is 26.92 m excellent. It its bas is engaged it is 35.05 m excellent. It is 11 clfs comprehensive and five clfs powerful, getting up the floor place of 2,377 sq m. Since it was used by the emperor its sizing, design, contract and furniture were most ornately structured and were the most spectacular of their day.More China city tour tags : China Panda Tours

As soon as you get into the Position of Excellent Stability you will see a large chair developed with gilded entwined famous monsters. It is set on a program up a trip of seven activities. This is the throne. It is in the center of two gilded luduan, one on each aspect. The luduan is said to be a four-kegged famous beast with one horn on its go. It could secure 9,000 km in a day and understand all kinds of ‘languages’. If the emperor was a sensible and just one they would come with books to server him. To each aspect of the throne are three large material developed with fantastic famous monsters. They are more than ten m in sizing and are wider than two armspans. There are absolutely 72 assistance supports within and outside the place. Six large material around the throne are gilded and, therefore, fantastic in colour, while all the rest are colored vermilion. Beijing tour The famous monsters entwining the three the southern part of material all look western, while the famous monsters entwining the three western material all look the southern part of.

Ogun tackles illegal land grabbers, recovers 200 hectares

The Ogun State Commissioner for Forestry, Mr. Adebayo Fari, has said the state has recovered 200 hectares of land from cocoa farmers in the state who had possessed them illegally within government forestry reserves.

He said this at the training of divisional forest programme officers organised by the ministry and Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria held in Abeokuta.

He described this as a step towards massive afforestation in the state in accordance with the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals on environmental sustainability.

Fari also who explained that the state government has partnered Federal government through Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria on human capital development and training of divisional forest programme officers, added that this would improve their capacity and expertise in the area of afforestation and prevention of illegal felling of trees in the state-owned forest reserves.

He said, “The state government is embarking on massive afforestation, and part of the strategy is this partnership.”

Fari said government had begun massive plantation of tree seedlings at the state-owned nursery at Arakanga in Abeokuta North Local government area for regeneration and free distribution of tree seedlings, having observed the disturbing rate at which trees were indiscriminately felled across the State.

He said, “One of the targets of this administration is actually in the area of afforestation and to a very large extent, we are achieving that goal.

“We have been able to talk to cocoa farmers who had hitherto taken over our land, we have been able to get over 200 hectares from them and we are signing an MoU with them on afforestation.

“Today, as soon as I leave here I’m moving towards Ogbere in Ijebu-East Local government to see the evacuation.”

The Executive Director, Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, Olufunmilayo Badejo, who was represented by Adesola Baiyewu, Managing Director -FRIN Consult, noted that the Federal Government partnered the state government in human capital development in order to prevent natural disasters through global warming.

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Germany’s ODA funds afforestation efforts in Hoa Binh province
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Nearly 2,600 ha of forest have been cultivated in the northern province of Hoa Binh under a project using official development assistance (ODA) from the German Government.

The work was kick-started in May 2007 in Hoa Binh city and Luong Son, Kim Boi, Lac Son and Ky Son districts, focusing on forestation, community-based forest management, and biodiversity conservation.

According to Deputy Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Van Dung, the project has helped improve the local living standards and the environment.

In 2013, more than 227,000 ha of land nationwide were covered with trees, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The country aims to raise the rate of forest coverage to 41.5% this year.

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