F I N A L F A N T A S Y ;
The world lies shrouded in darkness. The winds die… The seas rage… The earth decays… But the people believe in a prophecy, patiently awaiting its fullfillment. “When darkness veils the world, fours Warriors of Light shall come.” After a long journey, four young travelers did at last appear… and in the hand of each was clutched a crystal.


After hours of procrastinating, I’m finally done lol.

So this was based from a nalu fanfic, Natsu Can Sing by fandom-hermit! :D 

BTW, the song is ‘Just One Yesterday’ by Fall Out Boy! It’s used in the fic so yeahhh. Read the lyrics carefully if you didn’t get this comic haha omg sorry

I swooned in the Natsu in the fic so lskfslkfjs

(The scene after this one was serious all of a sudden so I didn’t put it)