AFBJJ Victorian Competition / Worlds prep continues

2012 AFBJJ Victorian Championships -

This past weekend the 2012 Victorians were held in the town that I live in, Melbourne, Australia.
Even though I just got home on Wednesday night 7pm from Abu Dhabi and I was feeling a bit jet lagged when it was time for me to fight on Friday morning there was no way that I would not compete! 

 At the comp… my first round was a bye and my second opponent could not make it, meaning that I would most likely be facing my long time friend and old training partner Aaron Hughes

 Aaron is a amazing competitor and we had a very fast paced exciting fight. I was able to come out on top with a submission win in the end, even after Az started the match with a big double leg take-down.  A huge Thank You to Jason Hill for the pictures and Aaron Depmsey for the video!


Leg drag pass

Looking for the back

Looking for the choke


Stoked to add the AFBJJ 2012 Victorian State Championships Male Adult -73kg GOLD to my list of titles!

Sushi and I closed out the division - CIA Paulista wins!

Simon “Sushi” fought two hard fights and submitted both of his opponents on the other side of our bracket. Sushi and I were happy to close out the division together as we train and fight each other in the gym everyday!

 After I finished competing I put on my referees uniform and refereed some fights. I try my very best to be an excellent referee and always give 100% of my attention to the fighters. In the past I have been the victim of shitty refereeing and it sucks, I never want to have someone walk away from any of the fights I have refereed and think that I was not paying attention or that I did not know the rules properly.
I enjoy being a referee, I find it can be mentally and physically draining standing for hours at a time but I learn a lot of good strategy and get to see what is working in comps firsthand. It really makes it all worthwhile. 

As a competitor you need to know the rules of Jiu Jitsu 100% without question. There are videos, downloadable PDF’s and live workshops before every major and IBJJF competition. Although they can be time consuming they will only add to your competition knowledge and game. If you compete PLEASE study and know these rules!!

Training for Worlds - 

I guess it never stops! Just a few trips in between lots of hard training and competitions. I am back home in Melbourne until the 18th of May before heading back to California to continue training and prep for the IBJJF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS May 31st - June 3rd .
My coach and a few of my teammates will be heading to Cali along with the SUB Apparel PRO Team. Until then we will be training hard, pushing our limits and mentally preparing for the biggest competition of the year!!

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”
—Vince Lombardi

But before all that im sure there is a QLD comp and possibly some other local ones here around Australia.

If you would like to see some photos of the Abu Dhabi competition shot by AJ and my self, Check out the gallery on SUB Apparels website.

Here are some awesome photos I found from the trip


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Thanks to my SPONSORS and TEAM for all the support!!

I’ll update soon !!



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