if your reading this, than you really must have nothing to do lmfaoo but uh yeeeah im probably gonna delete my blog:/ yeeah some of my nigguhs will miss me, just hmu on twitter @Pjayplatinum or on faceboook( search alex mondello it the first sexy kid there, believe me i checked lol) but yeah thanks to my decreasing number of followers to make me feel like i was “something”.peace out to my nigga austin, we’ll smoke a blunt soon, peace to tucker, peace to angelina,i love you vanessa<3 FUCKING PEACE NIGGAS


             PURPLEJAY PLATINUM(Alex Mondello)

oh p.s. im not gonna delete it untill tomorrow

yoooooooo alll my followers all 2,700 of you

if you are reading this im glad that you frogot to unfollow me but say no more. im going to b back as well as bringing tumblr back!!! sooo im just saying to make sure none of you arent dead on me hahaha oh message me if wqe talked in the past cuz i miss you guys(except tucker)