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This is the final product with the situation as follows.
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Fetches and Artificial Entities: To Fetch or Not to Fetch

 To Fetch or Not to Fetch: THAT IS THE QUESTION 

  • reasons for creating a Fetch

No but seriously, what is a fetch?

A fetch is an artificially created entity, in which has a specific purpose (one of the definitions of a fetch). It is created to carry out this intended purpose, and typically has no free will or very limited free will.

Why would anyone want to make one? Its a living entity.

There are many pros and cons to making a Fetch, and I definitely wouldn’t make them for just any reason. From the experienced that I have obtained, I find fetch making to be very exhausting and definitely takes a bit of time, so make the fetch’s purpose worth it.

There is also another thing to consider besides having the purpose being worth the time and energy. The meaning of the fetch’s life is to do this intended purpose. It should be worthy of creating an entity just for it.

Giving a good purpose also shows a bit of respect towards the Fetch, and I will get more into respect and control later. 


Imagine this intended purpose. You are experiencing a lot of safety problems in your neighborhood, and you definitely don’t want your home and house mates to be endangered. The intended purpose? To protect the home and those living within it. Protection is definitely a common reason for Fetch making. A friend of mine created a fetch to ask as a guardian over her baby.

Fetches usually make good protectors of the home or even guardians of objects or living creatures. They are given a list of specifics to watch out for, and are given a list of instructions to follow. 

Fetches aslo make great finders and bringers. Basically meaning, they assist in finding certain things, or to bring something to you. It could bring money, it could bring good luck, it could bring good weather. It could help find lost items, it could help find a person, it could help find a pet. It all really depends on what you need.


How does one deem the “purpose” to be worthy or not? Here are a few good questions to think of.

  • Is it worth the time and effort given to creating the fetch?
  • Does the rewards of the purpose succeed passed other methods? (Does the Fetch help more than just a simple spell?)
  • Would the Fetch be respected and congratulated for doing the task in mind?
  • Would the Fetch be properly treated and taken seriously for doing the intended purpose?
  • Would you be willing to reward the Fetch for doing the task?
  • how long would the task take to complete?
  • How difficult is it?

Its important to consider all these questions when fetch making. The Fetch is a living entity, and even though its under your control, it should be treated with respect and given a task that is worthy of being its life’s purpose. 

Having a purpose, in which you respect, is an important part for the Fetch. Respect is a huge part of the control aspect of the fetch.

A Fetch with an unrespected purpose is far more likely to rebel and try to break free.

next part: Ways to Make a Fetch 

Fetches and Artificial Entities: Introduction

I was really cautious about posting this up. For starters, the person who taught me how to create fetches warned me about telling others, and secondly a lot can indeed go wrong.

However with much consideration, I have decided I will post up the following. it is important to note that these are the ways I do it in my personal practice, and may differ for others.

  • what are fetches?
  • pros and cons?
  • how to make one 
  • how to control one
  • advice in making one
  • uses for fetches
  • The dangers and responsibilities behind fetches
  • talk a bit about other things relating (like Astral Clones, and creating astral realms)
  • other resources for information on Fetches and AEs (and other subjects relating)

I may also have a Q&A section, so feel free to send in questions about fetches and AEs. 


But yes enough with that, I will begin with the introduction.

What are fetches?

A fetch is an artificially created entity, in which has a specific purpose (one of the definitions of a fetch). It is created to carry out this intended purpose, and typically has no free will. 

Next part: When to Fetch?

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I cannot get the balance right can i?

Following on form a conversation with Bob Brazil over a lack of bottom end, it now appears (according to Carl Flattery) that I have gone too far. I now need more high-end pitched sounds and a bit more progression. This is more noticeable however as my section of the video has in effect ‘doubled’ thanks to the AWOL of a certain Mr. Ridsdale.