The Ferrari FF costs $295,000.  So here is the really important question for the day.  Would you rather have: (a) 1 sweet Ferrari FF; (b) 4 equally sweet Callaway AeroWagons; (c) or the nicest collection of clown-shoes in the world - i.e.18 really fine BMW M Coupes?


This. This is sexy. I’ll admit, I’m not particularly a fan of the ‘Vette. I’d rather a Viper, but even then an AMG SL would suffice. But this is a completely different story. This is the Callaway Aerowagon and for those of you who don’t know, Callaway has been tuning performance cars since flared trousers and gold medallions were in fashion. They’ve worked on some serious machines such as BMWs, Aston Martins and arguably most famously with Corvettes.

As you can see, the Aerowagon is based on the latest C7. Mechanically it is identical so it retains the 455 bhp 6.2-litre V8. However, Callaway say a performance upgrade is on its way. But that doesn’t really matter, what’s more important is that this is one good look car.

The addition of the hatch (ala shooting break) just adds to the cool factor of the Corvette. I think it works. And it’s not just for show. Sure it’s still a two-seater, but that makes it even cooler! You do get extra luggage space though and a lower drag coefficient as a result of its new rear.

The best thing thing is the price. At just $15,000 it’s almost reasonable compared to the Ferrari FF. You can order one from Callaway or have it retro-fitted!

The Custom Car, the Connected Car and more



It’s possible that Corvette fans who also dig the Ferrari FF might go for Callaway Cars’ “Aerowagon. While not completely bowled over by the design, we wouldn’t kick this out of our garage either. The well known Corvette customizers want to produce an add-on kit for the new Stingray. The cost would be a mere $15,000. If enough takers are there this project may get greenlit. Certainly it’s better than other attempts to create a sports car station wagon. See below.



Are you having maddening conversations with your dashboard? Then join the club. It seems drivers are getting frustrated by all the “gadgetry” in their vehicles. According to J.D. Powers, since 2011 there’s been an 8% increase in problems associated with audio, entertainment and navigation. But that’s nothing. Problems in the aforementioned categories since 2006 have risen by 45%! During the same period other categories have improved 24%. While everyone has been working on developing the connected car, they’ve ignored the possibility that some people don’t want to be that connected to their cars, even if they do want to be connected to the virtual world while on the road. Perhaps the silver lining here is for the automotive aftermarket. Electronics manufacturers and audio companies may offer the solution for the OEs aggressiveness in trying to integrate some technologies into vehicles. Let individual owners choose what they want, or don’t want, instead of forcing people to buy features they ultimately find annoying.


With the rising cost of new cars more people are looking at the used car market for deals. That’s increasing the prices for the latter vehicles. So what that means is that buyers need to do their due diligence and research what they might purchase. When costs go higher they need to maximize the value they get. Here’s Consumer Reports’ “disappointing dozen”, the cars you should avoid! You may not be surprised to see some Jeeps and Dodges on this list, but Toyota’s FJ Cruiser, the Tacoma and the Yaris are also there. Read the entire list on the link below.


Congrats to Derek Pace and Certified Sounds in Wailuku, Hawaii. It was the shop of choice for Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler who took his dune buggy there for a sound system. Apparently he likes CS’ work and he’s going to take his ‘41 Ford truck in as well. Obviously the store is doing something right. You can get a peek at the install (and read the closing quote—which is great advice) here:


The iPhone dominates the smartphone conversation but of course Android has a big chunk of the market. Users of the latter who drive a 2002-2005 Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep should be pleased to hear there’s an integration solution for their phones and cars. A new kit from GROM Audio allows you to connect directly to the in-car stereo systems. You get full control over media files from the car stereo or the steering wheel buttons. Read more below.


Callaway Corvette Stingray Aerowagon Concept to see production

The 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray is shipping to dealers now, but if that’s too common for you, it sounds like you’ll be able to upgrade to the Callaway AeroWagon starting next year. GTSpirit is reporting that Callaway has given this car the go-ahead, and it will be available starting January 1 only in North America. […] http://dlvr.it/44DZSx

Callaway C7 Corvette Confirmed With 627 Hp And 610 Lb Ft

Callaway C7 Corvette Confirmed With 627 Hp And 610 Lb Ft

Faq’ – corvette aerowagon | callaway cars, Some frequently asked aerowagon questions: q: what is a “shooting brake”? a: this terminology began to be used in the nineteenth century, describing a vehicle.
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