aerophytes asked:

do you have a favorite flower? (: PS I love cats soooooo much

i mean maybe foxglove bc it’s pretty but also poisonous

ps. i love them way too much too omg. that’s why i have an entire album of cat pictures and another of  cats with shakespearean insults as captions don’t ask


ask me stuff for a blograte and I’ll answer with a funny cat picture!

aerophytes asked:

liked! i follow everyone back and allow self promos (:

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Sideblogs PSA

I’m truly not trying to promote myself, I’m trying to promote the content made by others that I reblog to these sideblogs.

aeromanticism: Pretty things. Mostly gifsets and beautiful edits of fandom-related things that I don’t want to spam here, so I spam like crazy over there, but also sometimes couture/runway fashion, portraits, jewelry, nature, etc.

aerophyter: Social justice-related things, feminist things, sometimes the occasional humorous post.

I’m thinking of making my inspiration/references blog public but for now it’s private just because I sometimes post NSFW stuff there that I get embarrassed to post otherwise. I might make use of a NSFW art blog but haven’t completely decided to, nor felt the desire to draw that stuff lately. If I start updating that one, I’ll let certain people who ask know about it!