“The Aeroscraft ML868 is designed to carry 66 tonnes, fly at 220kph and land without using runways or external ballasting systems. Mansoor Kouchak, vice president of engineering at Worldwide Aeros Corp, which is building the vessel, says: "It’ll fill the gap between what planes and helicopters do. It can land in areas without roads or infrastructure and carry loads that a helicopter never could.” A half-sized 80m x 29m x 14m prototype will be completed soon. “We plan to start engineering the Aeroscraft early in 2013 and finish in 2016,” says Kouchak.“


Mapping Eurocopter Chile 10 años

Proyección con técnica mapping sobre un helicóptero para la celebración de los 10 años de Eurocopter Chile.
Diseño e Idea Original Mapping: Delight Lab
Produce: TANGO1

Noviembre 2011, Santiago de Chile.-

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Skyrunner AeroCraft R/C is a surefire attention grabber

What are some of the more fun remote controlled toys that you have come across so far? Here is something from the folks over at ThinkGeek, the $69.99 Skyrunner AeroCraft R/C that comes in the form of a quadcopter complete with glow-in-the-dark cage climbs walls. Apart from flying around, it is also pretty agile, being able to walk and run up and about. After all, how many glow-in-the-dark quadcopters have …


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