Scorching Hot Venus May Have Once Had Oceans - of Carbon Dioxide

Scorching Hot Venus May Have Once Had Oceans – of Carbon Dioxide

Radar image of the northern hemisphere of Venus, taken by the Magellan spacecraft. Radar is necessary to see through Venus’ perpetual cloud cover. Image Credit: NASA/JPL

The continued exploration of the planets and moons in our solar system have revealed many strange things, including that Earth is not the only place with oceans and seas. Mars once had lakes and possibly oceans in the distant…

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Venus Express stijgt weer in hoogte boven planeet Venus

Na een maand van heen en weer ‘surfen’ in de dichte atmosfeer van de planeet Venus – tot een hoogte van slechts 130 km boven het oppervlak – gaat de Europese Venus Express sonde weer in hoogte klimmen. Komende twee weken zal door gebruik te maken van de stuwraketten de hoogte toenemen tot 460 km – mits er genoeg brandstof aan boord is. Acht jaar na de aankomst van de Venus Express in 2006 begon diens brandstof geleidelijk op te raken en in mei besloot men tot een gewaagde aerobraking-campagne, bedoeld om de sonde op een hoogte tussen 131 en 135 km boven het oppervlakte te laten surfen en van daaruit onderzoek aan de atmosfeer te doen. Komend weekend probeert men nog tot 129,1 km hoogte te komen en daarna moet de Venus Express weer in hoogte gaan klimmen. Er zijn 15 baanmanoeuvres nodig om ‘m op die hoogte te krijgen en men denkt dat het 26 juli bereikt zal worden. Daarna doet men niets meer aan de hoogte en zal de Venus Express door de atmosferische weerstand vanzelf weer dalen. Men verwacht dat de sonde in december dan definitief in de atmosfeer van Venus zal duiken en dat een einde zal komen aan de succesvolle missie. Hieronder een video over de aerobraking campagne van de Venus Express.

Bron: ESA.



val is going to be stuck inside that fairing for years because i don’t trust a heatshield to keep everything intact when aerobraking around jool happens

MarsPolar, un nuovo progetto per stabilire una colonia umana su Marte entro il 2029

In 2027 the Mars Transportation Vehicle (MTV) will take 35 tons of payload to the Low Earth Orbit (LEO). MTV will be load with food, water and oxygen supplies as well as more than 20 tons of hardware for future Mars explorers like: Dragon spacecraft, habitats, life support system, solar arrays, spacesuits or water extraction unit. 

A month after the arrival of this first MTV’s stage to LEO, the second stage with fuel tanks up to 40 tons and the additional engine will be launched to LEO and docked to the first stage. When the MTV will arrive to the orbit of Mars, the Dragon will be undocked and directed back to Earth. The rest of the MTV will aerobrake into orbit around Mars and will land with the help of a parachute. According to the team’s website, the life support systems and the water extractor will be turned on, so the breathable atmosphere will be ready till the second ship with the crew will arrive to Mars. 

 Every 2 years another spacecraft could be send to the Red Planet as there is only one launch window every 26 months, when Mars and Earth line up and the journey takes only 6-7 months.

Fonte: Astronomy and Space News - Astro Watch: New Project Aims to Establish a Human Colony on Mars

my manned mission to moho would be a lot goddamn simpler if i could be bothered to figure out how to aerobrake around eve to slow down to a reasonable rate once i get to moho

instead i’m sending a rover there that’s capable of mining resources so i can refuel my manned ship once it gets there because it takes around 6000m/s of dv just to get into a moho orbit

getting the goddamn rover to moho is the hardest part though, i’ve had to attach each part of the ship in space because the ship is so big, so far i have the rover’s landing stage and orbiting stage set up, these two stages alone have around 10,000m/s of dv, now i just need a fucking behemoth of a stage to add 2000m/s to that, with a reasonable twr, for the interplanetary transfer stage

jesus fucking christ this is so complicated but i will do it