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Name: garbage mcbuttbeans aka erin
Gender: livin that nb life
Height: taller than u
Orientation: hottest pan on the stove
Age: illegal probably. ive been around the sun 15 times
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: anime boy white
Smoking?: いいえ
Drinking?: ぜんぜん
Drugs?: いいえ
Job: lazy and unemployed. jk i dont have anywhere 2 work
Favorite Color: probably blue?? purple??
Favorite Band: wink 91
Siblings: unfortunately
Tattoos?: nto yet
Favorite Book?: does 3s a crowd, aefae, or aeiw count
Perfect Date: mac n cheese, nap, acnl
Hobbies: being gay tbh
Why should I pick you?: you already did !!!!!! hooray i won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why do you even want to date me?: youre gay n cute n make me hate myself a lil less xoxo

okay but like this is really cute???? ily????