It’s Zan’s Birthday today.

She belongs to Photinus and she is one of her oldest characters. She is also the protagonist of a story that she’s been working on for years now, a story that she’s put her everything into. It’s a work in progress still, but I have never seen a story with more potential than the story of Zan, Fort, and Jin. To be honest, it reminds me of my own story, more in the development than the story itself, because I see my own struggle in hers, and I hope and pray that she is just a little ways away from spinning this story into a reality. Already, there is so much depth to her worlds and her characters, an entire cast of living breathing interesting people wandering about wide eyed in a living breathing world.

It makes me infinitely happy to hear tell of your stories, Photinus, to see that you trust me enough to let me in on the working delicate details of one of your most precious stories. You are a monumental storyteller already, Photinus, and I am beside myself with wonder to watch you grow.

Happy Birthday, Zan Pyralis! Here’s to another year of running through Aegroto with a chainsaw and taming that story! I know that you can do it, and I’ll be here for you every step of the way!

[[I am also sorry that it took me so damn long to get this to you oh god.]]


Zan Pyralis is a soldier of a youth group. When her regiment is ambushed, and she narrowly survives with a few other soldiers, Zan is rewarded the first badge of courage in her regiment’s entire history.

Her repertoire then pulls her into a mission to find a missing immortal, whom she identified as one of the veteran professors present in the youth group’s academy. The leader of the search group, Fort Moretti, regretfully heads the group into a long search around the continent. While doing so, Zan is pulled into a long-winded story of the other immortals that unknowingly surrounded her life. With the aid of Fort and the events that follow the search, Zan reevaluates her philosophies and the nature of the civil war between magical and non-magical folk that militarized her childhood.

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I got this ask about Truax like a decade ago during Worldbuilding Wednesday…

The conflict in Aegroto’s continually changing, so I’ve yet to pin down his innate motivations, but Truax is a politician serving as a spokesman and head of intelligence in the organization the story’s protag serves under. At a glance he is a meticulous do-gooder, flexible to the needs of others, and hates change.

He believes he’s every part the hero and feels entitled to many things, including position as figurehead to his organization once the original founder was murdered. But, to many people’s surprise, he wasn’t, and he’s not very happy about it. It might be because he has an awfully gaudy taste in everything.