its my birthday

ill get high if i want to. 

dear everyone i know, you’ve made me who i am. strong weak fragile and frantic.

i love the influence youve had on me, whether your from highschool, middleschool or wherever i met you, your all great in your ways, and its why you exist. ive struggled alot in the past years, and truthfully that struggle isnt over. but i have to say, with a skateboard in my hand, and a swisher in my ear, fuck yes. if ive wronged you in the past, im sorry, if im still wronging you in someway, gimme a call. im in love with my life, and im going to keep pushing, and keep fighting, for the people in my world,and the notions i feel are righteous. lets move forward, and i promise im different than i used to be, and im always working towards a brighter future.

with much love and anxiety,

Aedn Bowater-Skelly