Dripping Springs, TX - 2014

Canon AE-1P

50mm f/1.4

T-MAX 400


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anonymous asked:

How do you make text follow a curved path, like the outline of a circle in After Effects?

For something along these lines (badum-tshh):

  1. Use the type tool to type something out.
  2. Using either the pen tool (for curves) or the shape tools (for circle/rectangle/whatever), with the text layer selected, draw out the shape you want the type to be on.
  3. In your layers, dropdown on the text layer Text > Path Options > Path and select Mask 1. This will put your type on the path.
  4. If the type is on the wrong side of the path, change Reverse Path on/off.
  5. To animate the text, change the First Margin.