Mid-Autumn Festival

The story goes like this… I was insistent about bringing the boy down to the playground the other day to play with some fire (safely). Of course it had to be paper lanterns with REAL candles. That was the whole point.

And so we had fun.

While walking back home, the wife asked, “where are the rest of the kids?”

“At home playing their iPads, I guess.”

Creative: Nafe Tong, Tan Gim Seng, Zheng Huiyuan


Hup Huat - Proposed Launch Event

We saw the potential of how this organic range could impact the market, but yet couldn’t help that the client did not want to spend more in pursuing the possibility. I mean, it was featured on the papers, should leverage on that more.

We decided to entice him a bit more. Spent some time crafting out some of the ideas, visuals and submitted the proposal to him. He appeared interested after seeing these pictures and sort of understood the strategy we thought ahead for him.

The rest, is still up to their budget. When they are ready, we are ready. Anytime. These artwork, are in hi-res.


Bear Bile Awareness Campaign - ACRES

Much has been said about the travesty of the ongoing bear bile trade. We need not emphasize more on their tiny cages and excruciating process during the daily extrication of the bile. Seriously, in their place, I would wish I was dead. 

When I read about the story of how this mother bear opted to put her cub out of misery, and her own death after, that was it. We had to do something. These are awareness posters really. I wish we could be more explicit and aggressive in shouting how this should be stopped immediately.

- Nafe Tong, Art Director

Copywriter: Anson Ong, SayLin | Senior Designer: Celine Tan

SIFT - Stationery

Quick decision on this one. It appeared that they clicked with what I’ve thought for them.

I always believe that sometimes things will backfire if I appear to over-sell the idea through too forcefully. It always helps when the clients themselves can resonate with my work and somehow connect with the designs as well.

Double-sided print for the Letterhead. May cost a little bit more, but with a good paper choice, the outcome will be professional and unique. When it is folded in three panels before slotting into the envelope, SIFT will be right in the middle.

With SIFT on red at the back, it is pleasingly elegant and almost works like the larger version of the Logo itself.

While I was working on them, I had the tail of the “F” extended deeply downwards to represent the idea of SIFT going deep into a company’s data before coming out with the right analysis. But I realised by doing that, it takes attention away from the Logo. Therefore, I retain the Logo as it is, and have the “line” as a Secondary Element instead. And at the end of the line, lies the address and contacts.

This red line will be adapted across the Brochures and Websites.

I took the initiative to include a Registered symbol at the end of SIFT. I presume they would register the Logo at one point. So the overall design looks like it ends with a punch. Registered symbol, if done nicely, could blend in as part of the design aspect.

If not registering, at least of right now, it can be taken away. Will work just fine.

SIFT - Identity

Quite frankly, I wanted an easy transition from SPSS’s currently image to the new identity. Therefore, by retaining the “red square”, it is the first step.

I have rounded the edges for a more modern feel. Another reason why so is that it will soften the “sharpness” and “boldness” of the letters I-F-T within. It helps with the transition when S-I-F-T has four letters as well.

The smooth process is to ensure that the current client base is not lost and confused, and at the same time, able to engage the bigger “fishes” in the market in the near future.

Which is primarily the focus of then SPSS, now SIFT’s vision.

The design went through two rounds and in the end we settled for the first. I sort of thought it would have nail it right from the beginning.

I could already envision how its stationery would become from the look.

SIFT - Naming

A business analytics company. Formerly known as SPSS. As there was a change of direction from the company, they looked to us at a full rebranding project.

Went in and had a chat with the Director to understand his vision and beliefs. We needed to understand his business.

After two rounds of renaming selection, we settled for SIFTto question and examine minutely and closely.

Idea is for the company to go in deep within the clients and sieve through their systems and data, after which, present them with a report and direction forward.


DAS Certification Singapore 

They had Service Brochures catering to respective certifications. We felt the need to strengthen each one of them by designing specific icons with relation to what the certification is about. For better recall and visual understanding.

It took us a while as the designer and myself were adamant about certain theories of the vectors not being three-dimensional.

As usual, I had them took part in a photoshoot. To be utilized in the Website and throughout.

Really, it is quite basic when it comes to branding a corporate and professional company. Yes, one may argue that without photographs, it may still work. I am not against that. But I see it as investment. These photos are yourselves. And if the company’s philosophy is about transparency, integrity and honest communication, then portray yourselves in that way. Better than stock angmoh faces, anytime.

We proposed a series of Advertisements, to better engage their audiences with the principle message of DAS working closely with their clients. They settled for the standalone version. As much as I wanted a cleaner ad, with much lesser copy, I have to cater to the client’s needs. At first glance, they have to communicate their list of certifications already.

With these, the tools are ready for their next phase. Should last them for at least the next five years.


DAS Certification Singapore - Stationery

Finally delivered. Met with a hiccup. UK side, which is their headquarter decided last minute to revamp their logo. Hence we had to incorporate the new logo into these designs. Luckily, we managed to convince the HQ to retain the blues and yellows.

So that the change will not be that drastic. DAS had to bear the cost for the already-casted plates though.

Simpler. No frills. International and professional. Waiting for their brochures now.


DAS Certification Singapore - Signage

Very nice client. One that appreciates our creativity. One that respects our creativity. As the boss himself started young in his industry, he understands where we are coming from.

That youthfulness does not necessarily equate to lesser experience.

We are forever learning, that is true. I always mention that our philosophy is never to lead the clients blindly, but to work hand-in-hand with them. Something that clicks with DAS.

DAS looked to us for a rebranding project. They are growing strongly these years and despite having a very young team, they are right now ranked amongst the top three within the industry. However, the current image does not reflect that.

What we have to do, was to study their strategies, and to craft all its marketing collaterals.

Signage has to be done fast. As they were in transition of moving office. With the vendors, we got it up within days.

I advised for the whole wall to be pasted. The neighbours have striking signages, hence this move was needed for DAS to stand out. First impression, first impression. Also adjusted the lightings.

I suggested for a protruding false ceiling. To create an illusion of depth, and to hide away most of the pipings as much as possible.

What I could not control was the two lions. For Feng Shui reasons. And that I have to respect!


Internal Affairs

An Interior Design company. A Logo was designed, along with its Stationery.

Direction given was to play with negative space. As client was quite into Feng Shui, I wanted to see if the Chinese character for “door” could be incorporated somehow.

One thing led to another, and a clever logo was created. Good job to the designer. She deserved the praise.


JPI International Travel Pte Ltd

Even a Under Construction site can be nice. Simple. But nice.

Keep it related to the industry. Think harder. Make the work more hardworking.

(Although, it seems like the client like this construction site a lot. It’s forever under construction.)


NUS Arts Festival 2012

They did not have a consistent logo to support their annual festival. What we had in mind was to give them one that can be both arty and timeless at the same time.

Whole idea revolves around silhouette. Clean and arouses imaginations. Representations of the respective art forms were used and actual photos of upcoming performances were montaged within.

A very dynamic website was proposed.