Happy Sunday, readers! What a perfect day to work on your AdWords campaign. From hidden little tricks to optimizing the “big stuff”, check out our round up of the latest in paid search to make you an AdWords superstar!

AdWods Bid Management and Account Structure Mistakes to Avoid 

Default Campaign Setting in AdWords: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

3 Components of Geo-Targering Excellence for 2014 

Traffic Quantity Vs Quality 

How to Understand and Optimize AdWords Search Partners Data 

10 Pillars to Run Top Notch AdWords Campaigns

10 Pillars to Run Top Notch AdWords Campaigns

It is clear AdWords has become a must for businesses who want to drive relevant traffic to their websites. The increase in AdWords’ demand has consequently increased the price for clicks, and therefore advertisers need to know how to boost their results and not waste their budget.

Here are some of the most important pillars to keep into consideration while working on an AdWords Account:

Do Not…

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AdWords для новичков

Контекстная реклама является одним из каналов привлечения клиентов на сайт. Насколько успешно этот канал сработает для бизнеса будет зависеть от правильной настройки рекламной кампании.

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It’s been kind of a strange week over at Google, hasn’t it? Whether you know what’s up and want to learn more or have been living under a digital rock the past several days, below, please find a recap of coverage relating to the Big G… including an experts’ roundup from our sister site, Marketing Land

5 Steps To Adjust To Google’s Latest Change To AdWords Matching Behavior

Google Responds To Mass Negative SEO Extortion Emails

Explainer: How Google’s New SSL / HTTPS Ranking Factor Works

Google Investigating Bugs With Structured Data Report In Webmaster Tools 

Search Marketers Tear Into Google Over AdWords Exact Match Change

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Set Up, Execute and Track A 26-Round Multivariate Ad Test In A Few Minutes.

Want to have better ads by next week? Of course you do, but that takes time you don’t have. Thankfully, having constantly optimized ad copy is just a few minutes away with …

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Tracking app downloads on AdWords

Even though AdWords remains one of the most important channels for app marketers, populating the AdWords dashboard with performance data for your campaigns is challenging.

From an app marketer’s perspective, AdWords traffic can be divided in to two types: traffic that promotes your app from within other apps (i.e., the AdMob network), and traffic that doesn’t (i.e., AdWords search, mobile web display, etc.)

Tapstream tracks all types of AdWords campaigns, and lets you send conversion data from your app to AdWords for all traffic types, for free. Sign up instantly if you don’t have an account.

Using Tapstream to track AdWords Mobile App Install campaigns

These instructions apply if your AdWords campaign targets “Display Network Only”, with the “Mobile app installs” option, as shown here:

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Google Releases New Ad Format: AdBirds

Google Releases New Ad Format: AdBirds

In a pretty wonderful example of an April Fool’s joke, Google AdWords now offers ad placement on actual birds when you sign into your dashboard.  ”AdBirds” gives you the option to place your business’s messaging on the beak, head, wings, and even the tail feathers.  You have six different birds to choose from, ranging from the quick and nimble sparrow to the nocturnal owl.  I was slightly…

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