Signs of poor recovery include fatigue, poor workouts, prolonged muscle soreness, lack of increased strength, and lack of increased muscle mass. It’s proven that protein and nutrition absorbed immediately after a work out can speed up one’s recovery time. The goal of post-exercise nutrition is to replenish the glycogen stores and to encourage protein synthesis.

There are many Recovery Drinks out there but not all of them have what for you need for your body to recover! Advocare’s products are backed by science and trustworthy experts. Do your research. Here is one link for a review of the product:

To purchase your recovery shake go to:


The photo on the left was me two years ago when I was working out 2 times a day for 3 or more hours. I thought I was in great shape and skinny again. (I had gained a bunch of weight after my mom passed away.) The picture on the right is of me currently, 10 months post baby, not able to workout much at all, but look the best and feel the best I ever have because I changed the lifestyle I was living. Clean eating, AdvoCare products and more water than ever.

I’m so proud of myself and my accomplishments. #advocare #advocareworks #results #useittheprosdo

Hello December: Ms. Tiff Looks Backward and Forward

Hello, December! Welcome! November was a great month. It was filled with San Diego, Thanksgiving and healthy, happy experiences. San Diego by far was the highlight of the month. It is beautiful. The people, the beaches, Balboa Park, the boardwalks, etc. It’s no surprise that San Diego is listed as the second most attractive locale ( Travel is so very important. To get out of your element, away from your every day problems and expand your view of the world is critical in maintaining a fresh and happy perspective. When you leave your environment and observe others living freely in another one, it serves as a great reminder that no matter how good or bad things are here you always have the option to build something new somewhere else. San Diego and Seattle are on the top of my list when I tire of the temperamental Texas weather. Saturday I was sweating underneath a beautiful blue sky and scorching sun when putting up Christmas lights. Today it’s nasty, rainy and cold. Go figure.

Now onto December. As I mentioned, the Christmas lights are already up. The tree has been picked out, cut down and upright in our dining room. The fridge calendar reflects the new month and the new plans - graduations, weddings, visits from family and Christmas! Not listed on the calendar are my monthly goals. Here they are below:

* Drop 10 pounds - 184 SW 
* Strengthen my knees
* Save money

Luckily, strengthening my knees requires consistency in my workout regimen which will help in dropping the weight. All of the goals combine are to help make a successful Lake Tahoe trip in January. I think I can do it. AdvoCare has been so instrumental in extra income and helping me drop weight. I am confident that I can commit further achieve all of my goals. 

What are your goals for the new month? It’s the last one of 2014. Make it count! Let’s do this!   

It has been an honor to work with Jamie Miller this past year.. If her story inspires you at all.. @joshdavidjordan and I would love to offer you the same mentorship beginning today with @repostapp —- The girl on the left was out of control. She was so far gone and felt LOST. I had no idea I could let myself go like I did. I was sad and I didn’t know what to do. One day I said enough is enough and started educating myself on clean eating and I started exercising. After I lost 50 lbs I starting incorporating proper vitamins and supplements to my life style change and I am down another 30 pounds. A lot of hard work, sweat, and tears have gone into my transformation but there is not one thing I would change about my experience. I am so thankful I know get to help other people find their purpose for living a healthy life! I know what it feels like to feel defeated but I also know what it feels like to overcome the voice in your head that tells you can’t. #operationloveyourself #fitmom #fitwife #weightloss #transformationtuesday #24daychallenge #advomom #advocare #advocaredream #advocareworks #postbaby #prebaby #strongnotskinny #eatclean #eatright #exercise #sparkmejamie 👈 #teamlifechange

This is the difference between day one and day 11. I have lost 12 lbs just in those 11 days!Already a difference!! I feel healthier and have more energy! The challenge also has helped with my digestive issue!! It is amazing what the challenge can do! Contact me to order your challenge today! #24daychallenge
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