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I love this so much.

So... I wanna try my hand at copy writing

Example copy for the Nintendo Wii U

Treading the lines of innovation once more the company that gave birth to commercial motion based game play bring you the next generation. Nintendo Wii U. Building on the success of its predecessor, the console that brought gaming to the masses the Wii U seeks to not only grab your attention with all new games but also all new ways to play.

Introducing the Wii U game pad.

Half controller, half gateway into a whole new world. Allowing you to immerse yourself in your games more than ever!

Want easy access to your in game map?

Want to easily select inventory items?

Want a whole new way to see the world around you?

The Game pad provides all this and more. But it’s not all about the controller! The console itself has had a massive makeover, no longer displaying low definition graphics the Wii U can now display full 1080p HD graphics and the difference is phenomenal. But what else does Nintendo bring to your living room this time around? The answer is the new way to play multiplayer with your friends, Asymmetric game play. The end result of having different players with different screens.

So how does it all work? Player one takes up the game pad while the rest of the party (up to 4 additional people) takes up Wii motes and then the fun begins, player one will have a separate view of the game to the rest of the players watching the television. This sort of game play lends itself perfectly to chasing games or hunting games and ramps up the tension to all new heights.

All of these ingredients together bound up with a totally revamped online system including social networking options via the new ‘miiverse’ means the next generation is truly here and now.

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Why are the gnomes in the news?

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This is what you wish you could be doing if someone is wearing anything like your chosen christmas/new years dress! Still loving Harvey Nicks for their enticing and creative campaigns year on year.