Rent A Hero (レンタヒーロー) - Sega - Mega Drive - 1991

A fan translation for Rent A Hero was recently released thanks to the work of NikcDC, Paul Jensen, RedComet, and many others from Rom Hacking Dot Net. Way back in 1998 an English patch for Rent A Hero was created by the Eidlon Translation Group but it was incomplete and only translated the first section of the game. Now Rent A Hero can be played from beginning to end in English for the first time.

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Just a reminder to take this shot better.

Addvertisments reflection in the background is saing “let’s meet on shoping”.
Can’t stop thinking about that manequin. She’s so…human.
I caught myself for few times watching at ‘her’ not at ‘it’.
Somehow, it’s so well done that it looks almost like a human, but it’s plaing with my senses - artificialy making me look at it.
Anyway I’ll keep that picture on my mind so i can show U what I mean later.