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American Sikh Commercial 

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Mini - Traffic Jamming. Cool feel good ambient execution. 4 people in a mini cruising the streets of Singapore ‘Jamming’ and they look like they’re having a ball. 

Should Facebook Go To FB Jail For “Spamming” Their Ads?

Facebook’s Advertising Is Spamming Above Their Law

When I first started getting serious about…

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After four days of suffering through this absolutely horrible pain, I finally did something about it. Obviously, my throat wasn’t getting any better and, in fact, was possibly getting even worse. But I have an intense fear of doctors and doctors offices and avoid going to one whenever and for however long I can. So what does someone with a phobia/anxiety like mine do when they’re in desperate need of some sort of minor help?

Use the Doctor on Demand app to video chat with a doctor and have him call a prescription into the closest pharmacy. It cost a little more than going to a regular doctor’s office (our copay is $15 for office visits and this cost $40) but the 95% decrease in anxiety plus the limited time it took (five minutes waiting and five minutes talking) was well worth the difference. My prescription should be ready for pickup in about an hour but my mother will pick it up this evening on her way home from NY (specifically picked a 24 hour pharmacy because they all usually close at like 5 on sundays and she wont be home by then). Here’s hoping the antibiotics kick in relatively fast because this pain is on the verge of causing me a breakdown.

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