• <b><b></b> <b></b> Me:</b> UGH! Its hot!<p><b>Coworker:</b> Youre h-<p><b>Me:</b> What?<p><b>Coworker:</b> Huh?<p><b>Me:</b> What did you say?<p><b>Coworker:</b> Huh? (tries to change subject) She just farted.<p><b>Me:</b> What!?<p><b>Other coworker:</b> What are you talking about?<p><b>Coworker:</b> I dont know.<p><p/><p/>
  • *mgr comes in room*
  • Mgr:*says name* thinks youre cute.
  • Me:Wait what? Who?
  • Mgr:*says name again* thinks youre cute.
  • Me:Oh my gosh are you serious?
  • Mgr:Yeah, he said that girl at the register is cute and i said the short tan one? And he said yeah.
  • Me:oh my gosh haha.
  • Mgr:I dont think I was suppossed to tell you that. *shrugs*
My manager is cooler then yours(:

(Security guard starts walking out the store)
Me: Have a great day!
Security guard: (whispers something to me that i didnt hear)
(Manager walks by and sees)
(Security guard leaves)
Manager: Whattt wasss up withh that? What’d he say to youu?
Me: Wait what? I just said Have a great day!
Manager: Yeah after you said that he went behind you and whispered something to you but you didnt hear
Me: No waay.
Manager: Yeah! Oooh he thinks youre cute!

  • (Boy friend walks in my room)
  • *gives me a hug*
  • Me:What are youu doing here?
  • Boy friend:Woow! Fine then!
  • *walks away*
  • Me:No wait, I didmt....
  • (Comes back 30 min. later)
  • *walks in a ignores me*
  • Me:I didnt mean it like that, but i missed you, where have you been?
  • Boyfriend:Thats not what you said.
  • *he starts walking away*
  • Me:Youre still gonna be mad? Fine then!
  • *turns back around and gives me the tightest hug*
  • Boyfriend:Im just kidding,♡