I want somebody to talk to me about something.

Why these shows?

I mean, I’m not a fan, I basically said ‘nope‘ as soon as I saw the art/premisse of them.

But then… people started talking, about how much the script and writing were great, how secrets and hints are littered everywhere, how characters were deep and adult in their own way, while keeping the child-like act in other moments…

And then I thought:

Maybe these new artists don’t want people to just like their shows, maybe they want their shows to be the symbol of their childhood.

It began with the questions of “but why the secrets? Why the conspirations, why the hints and why the darkness?

Then I thought: Maybe it’s because these shows represent the childhood state many of us had, the growing up, with colourful stuff all around us but some new things started showing up.

Things we initially never understood quite well.

Rage and regret.

Self-hate and arrogance.

Loneliness and family.

Adult stuff.

Real Life” stuff.

Maybe… maybe this are shows that children like because they’re shows that tell them, “it’s okay to be scared, you’re growing up, things are going to get crazier and stranger and darker and more amazing every day!


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The Signs as Adventure Time Characters
  • Aries:Ice King
  • Taurus:BMO
  • Gemini:Lumpy Space Princess
  • Cancer:Finn the Human
  • Leo:Jake the Dog
  • Virgo:The Magic Man
  • Libra:Gunther
  • Scorpio:The Lich
  • Sagittarius:Tree Trunks
  • Capricorn:Princess Bubblegum
  • Aquarius:Earl of Lemongrab
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