IMPORTANT: Vote for Sinbad no Bouken on UraSunday!

Sinbad is currently placed #9 on UraSunday’s top 10, where it used to be around #2 and #3 pretty consistently. Please, whether you enjoy fan translations or read the manga raw, vote for the manga on the UraSunday site to support the people who create this manga and to keep it going. It only takes a few seconds. 

Go to the site ( and scroll until you see this button: 


EDIT: here’s the direct link to the voting area. (

All you need to do is push the small gray button, and your vote will be counted. You do not need to make an account or anything. You can comment, in Japanese, English or another language if you wish, after you hit the vote button, but it is not required for your vote to be counted. You can vote and comment once per day

Whenever you think of it, please vote for Sinbad! Let them know we want the manga to keep going!