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There was a time when ’90s inspired’ meant you put on an Earth Crisis shirt and played recycled riffs. Torn crush that notion with songs that pull only the best elements of that classic period without getting stuck there. Aggressive from start to finish. 

Advent Drabble 21 - Snow (requested by anonymous)

“John.” Sherlock shook John awake. “John. Wake up.”

“Mmph,” said John. “What’s the matter?”

“Something terrible has happened.”

Fear tightened in John’s gut. He sat up. “Oh, my God, what?”

“It snowed.”

John stared at him. “Why is that terrible?”

“Because I left an experiment in the back garden last night and now it’s been contaminated.” Sherlock looked crestfallen.

“Did you seriously just wake me up to tell me that?”


“Someday I’m going to kill you. And it’s going to be totally justifiable. For now, get in this bed and I’ll show you what you do with snow days.”