i don’t think it’s always that terrible to be a loner. i think a lot of these people, well, if they are like me, are comfortable being that way most of the time. it’s not bad to go to the theatre by yourself. there’s nothing wrong with not being dependent on other people all the time. i know this blog is called “dilemmas of a loner” but i’m just saying… there’s so much more good things to being a “loner” (i prefer introvert). like we can think for ourselves and we don’t follow the crowd, and we’re probably 10x more creative/imaginative than other people. maybe we can focus on the positives instead of feeling sorry for ourselves all the time.

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DoL says:

:) I do agree. We’ve been too negative. I have a million negative submissions in my message box soon to be published.. -sigh-

Dear followers, show some pride and tell me an advantage of being a loner/introvert :D