Health problems,things aren't really going that well lately...

A little background: A couple of months ago I lost my personal and work files and more importantly my computer, which is really bad for me as my living at the right now depends on my computer work. At the moment I’m on a borrowed computers but is something temporal. (posts: 1,2,3)

When I started the blog I was recovering from surgery and sadly for me there were some complications and I had to get another surgery last week (April 16) which means that besides the medical costs, I won’t be able to any do physical work for months.

So with all of this in mind now I really need to get me a new computer so I can do some freelance work from home and I would really appreciate any help you could give. Also it would help me a bit with the medical expenses.

If you are able to give a hand I made this Donation page, every little bit helps

I’m already at home but can’t sit by the computer for long yet,  I’ll queue a couple posts a day explaining this (sorry in advance for the annoyance). Also I’ll leave the queue with enough regular posts to last (hopefully) till I’m back on my feet.

Thank you all for following and keeping the blog alive.

-  Admin (aka Daniel)

  I’m too excited about Gon’s birthday so I drew this XDD
His birthday’s on May 5 but… lol, Can’t help it. ^w^
I was also planning to include Kurapika and Leorio on this but there isn’t much room left. Also, I ain’t confident about my Kurapika drawings and I can only draw Leorio in chibi form. :’(
Anyway, I’m sharing this xD
I miss HxH so mucccccccccchhhhhhhhh~!

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Ship Names

OKAY I’m starting up a handy dandy guide for the ship names! Because I can never remember a thing and it seems like we get a good three wonderful new ships every week. This’ll be updated as the ships come in!

Once I collect a fair number I can make an excel graph so ships are easy to find. Let me know your ship names, no matter how big, small, romantic/platonic, or rickety they might be. Every ship counts!

A few quick Mains/Popular:
Pearl + Rose = pearlrose
Pearl + Garnet = pearlnet
Pearl + Amethyst = pearlmethyst (or Opal)
Lapis Lazuli + Peridot = Lapidot
Peridot + Jasper = Jaspidot


Ruby + Sapphire = Rupphire (Or Garnet)

Pearl + Stevonnie = Peonnie

Garnet + Amethyst = Gamethyst (Or Sugilite)
Pearl + Garnet + Amethyst = Polygems
Pearl + Mayor Dewey = Pewey
Peridot + Ronaldo = Deny Everything
Jamie the Mailman + Kevin = Kevamie or Javin (I’ve seen this go both ways, but it tends to lean towards Kevamie)

i’m not street but i do what i gotta do by SyntheticRevenge

where i land i don’t care, i don’t need a plan
(a mix for kavinsky and the dream pack (mainly kavinsky))

01. Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We’re Famous by Cobra Starship | 02.  Mene by Brand New | 03.  Time To Pretend by MGMT | 04. Come Back Clean by the Crystal Method | 05. D is for Dangerous by Arctic Monkeys | 06. Ulysses by Franz Ferdinand  | 07.  THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT by AWOLNATION  | 08. Lights Out by Mindless Self Indulgence  | 09. Boy Division by My Chemical Romance | 10.  Artificial Nocturne by Metric | 11. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Fame by Black Cards