The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies  is bringing a night of seriously unserious art history to the Brooklyn Museum on Thursday, January 29th. Here’s a sneak peak courtesy of SASS founders Larissa Hayden & Anna Rasche:

Humans have been producing and consuming intoxicating beverages since time immemorial, so it’s no surprise that alcohol has left quite an impression on the art historical record. From intricately crafted drinking vessels, to exquisitely designed liquor labels to ancient depictions of dudes who’ve had a few too many, find out what can be learned about our history and ourselves through the art that surrounds alcohol.

Aside from filling your cups from our cash bar, and your minds with little known facts about drinking throughout art history, we’ll have opportunities to doodle for a chance to grab some exclusive prizes!   

A fun fact for pregaming: To date, the earliest scientifically confirmed traces of alcoholic beverages were found in a neolithic Chinese settlement dating from 7,000 BC. The Brooklyn Museum’s collection includes an Egyptian wine label dating back to 1390-1352 B.C.E.

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anonymous asked:

He only had 3 Pokemon in DP, and one of them was just an evo from an old Pokemon he had in AG, Bonsly to Sudowoodo. He had more evolutions in AG as Lotad went all the way to Ludicolo and Mudkip evolved, whereas Croagunk stayed the same and Happiny doesn't evolve till Brock's second to last episode. Also I don't think Brock had any more episodes in DP than AG. I think it was about the same, he had like 10 episodes devoted to him in both series. But out of a 191 episode series that's too little.

He also only had 3 Pokemon in AG until the end when he got Bonsly. I mean yeah I vastly prefer Forretress, Ludicolo and Marshtomp to Croagunk, Sudowoodo and Happiny as far as the species go but I think the DP team had more personality to them. In AG the Lotad line was the only one to kinda stand out. Croagunk was linked to Brock’s gag, had random funny moments on its own and even had a rivalry with Saturn’s Toxicroak. Happiny had a special trait of being super strong which also provided humour and was even useful sometimes. 

I can’t remember the exact amount of focus episodes he got in both series but I think the DP focus seems to kind of lead to the whole doctor plot point which makes it a bit more meaningful.

I just don’t think DP Brock is worse than AG Brock.

January Requests!

It’s a new year, so time for a new calendar!  For anyone who’s new to the game, I’ve basically just been drawing a requested DC lady every month since I picked up this random wall calendar for like a buck in one of those mall stands back in 2011.  Towards the end of each month I’ll make a post asking for character requests and I’ll pick one from the replies to draw.  Here are the tags for the calendar pieces thusfar: 2011201220132014 (and holy jfc look at that progress! those first ones are sooo bad omg).  This is literally the only way I’m taking requested drawings now—apologies to those messages that have been sitting in my inbox for like forever.   

Also I’m establishing a new rule this time around: one character per requester per month.

That’s it, that’s the only new rule!  I wasn’t really paying attention in the past but I was getting worried that I just kept picking the same people’s choices over and over because they gave a couple options every month.  So I hope more people participate and we get even more new characters this year!

Theme-wise I feel like last year was fun because each month was alliterative—this year I think I’m just going to go with colors, because that’s super easy.  So each month I’ll name a color and you guys think of a DC lady based on that.  Can be a color from their costume, hair, eyes, powers, etc whatever. 

So for January (can’t believe it’s the end of January already…) let’s go with WHITE for the color, because there is a ridiculous amount of snow outside right now.  So who would you guys like to see me draw for the first month of 2015?