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so i totally snagged these pictures from racked (who probably snagged them from somewhere else), but this is exciting news for the aged: hearing aid brand audicus has created what one may dare to call *chic* hearing aids inspired by ari seth cohen’s documentary, which complemented his blog highlighting fashionable elderly folk. i wish my gram were still alive to appreciate these because i have a feeling she’d actually wear them as opposed to the bulky, flesh-colored thing she avoided putting in during the later years of her life. the color was clearly an attempt to camouflage but, like, you aren’t fooling anyone, hearing aids. audicus to the rescue! these chic styles cost $699 and feature a bluetooth volume remote and “enhanced clarity” for more powerful hearing. 


i’ll probably end up condensing this down to be around 10-15 minutes instead of close to 40 by picking out some of my fave parts but the whole thing is kinda interesting if you’re into social robotics at all

We cannot expect everyone to be the same, our cultures and ways have advanced separately. There are many different cultures in the world that have grown and flourished independently of others. They reflect historical events, specific desires relating to a geographical location, certain geopolitical occurrences which people from other parts the world would never have experienced, and many other factors that would have only influenced them specifically. We have to keep this in mind if we want to be understanding of one another, instead of putting others down because their ways are different.

In today’s world, many of us have the ability and the access to reach out and learn more about different cultures, events, and ways of life. Some of us do that through the internet, some of us do it by meeting other people, some of us do it by travelling, and many of us do it through a combination of all of those. We can take a progressive approach and look for new ideas, discoveries, philosophies, and expand our mind by keeping it open to change. In this century, more than ever, we have to ability to progress and advance as one group, as humans, instead of distinctly separate ones. This does not mean erasing one’s culture, it just means being open to adopting new positive ways that will benefit all humanity. We need to look for ways to obtain new knowledge, be open to changing our ways when presented with facts, be prepared to admit to being wrong at times, and always leave room for developing and acquiring new ways into our realm of life.

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So today (Saturday as it is 12:30 am) is officially my dad’s 60th birthday (fun fact, Sunday is my brother’s). 

He was never supposed to live past 40 because the doctors looked at both of his kidneys failing in the mid 90s, shrugged, put him on the transplant list, and crossed their fingers. And he’s 60 today, and if that’s not the biggest, figurative, middle finger to his doctors then I dunno what is..