Adsy - It’s a kind of magic (by Sweet Crude)


When we started the adsy project, we didn’t know anything about the apparently famous Hypercard Maker software developed by Apple in the eighties. Certainly because we’re far too young (our CEO was not even 13 when the product was released).

It’s so funny that we’re actually kind of building its counterpart for the smartphone generation (adsy will work in the web browser, on Apple iphone/ipod touch & also on recent android devices).

We also believe that adsy will appeal to Geocities fans who miss a tool enabling them to design web content in total freedom. adsy will be what you make of it. adsy will be yours. Enjoy !

Third time at ADSI, after action

Ran both short courses before they combined the two to make one long course. What a blast! Had such fun, learned more about the car, nothing broke everything worked out just fine. I hope for better luck for Dillon next time, he ran one short run and blew a passenger side rear brake line and was out for most of the day.

Something ive been curious about is running the car with no rear swaybar. So after a few runs on each side i pulled in, jacked up the car and quickly removed the 98 GT rear swaybar. Four ½ inch bolts and down she came, now to see if the car turns in and rotates better with the rear bar missing. Ive read about people running no rear bar and was told by a tech and race car driver at Maximum Motorsports to remove the rear bar and see how she feels. I want to say the car has more grip and articulates better. So i donated the rear bar to my friend and (race partner/teammate). I plan on swapping my current MM XD lower control arms out for their road racing arms which have no spring perch nor swaybar mount so i wont be able to run a stock styled rear bar. Another benefit of the RR arms they only weigh 2.7lbs each which should drop at least 10 to 15lbs alone. I will weigh the arms to get an exact weight drop.

Very happy with the heat extractor hood i made, the car ran very cool all day. Although the air temps were cool all day i believe the hood made a huge difference in water temp and engine bay temp couldn’t be happier with the hood. I plan on skinning the hood as much as i can to shed a couple more lbs off the front end.

The car still understeers which i cannot wait to address further. The added negative camber, track width, and extended wheel base from the MM forward offset A arms will help in addition the front wheel spacers i plan on running with Tiger Racer flares.

I think im over these current springs and dampers, too soft at higher speeds the car feels squishy and seems to float. Time to go up to MM Race 3 dampers and 450/350 springs.

Another plan i thought of is to lower the motor as much as possible using the convertible motor mounts and removing the one inch spacer i have between the intake manifold. Hopefully lowering the center of gravity up front will create more grip and better turn in response. I also plan on lowering the driver seat as much as possible to not only give me more head room, but to also lower the center of gravity on the driver.

I want to remove another 200 to 300 lbs off the car, iam determined to find more things to pull that are not necessary. This will help the car brake,turn and accelerate better. 

I prefer the gopro suction cup mount over the roll cage/bar mount. Better view looking from the outside.

PS i scrape the Mach 1 lip getting on and off the trailor.

Carta de Jesús Alcantarilla, nuevo Presidente de Protecturi Barcelona, 2 de diciembre de 2012 Queridos amigos, queridas amigas, Con la retina aún impregnada de todas las imágenes que se han sucedid…D.Jesús Alcantarilla Díaz Director de Seguridad de la Abadía de Montserrat News ADSI Flash nº 325 vía @careonsafety

I'm So Sorry

To, Anyone that ever took the time to talk to me when I was feeling down.
Anyone that every sent me a random txt because they just thought about me.
Anyone that has seen me at both my highest highs and my lowest lows.
Anyone that likes me for the real me and not this faux persona they want me to be.
Anyone that asked ME what I wanted instead of thinking “Adsy won’t mind and even if he does he won’t say anything”.
Anyone that realised I wasn’t doing well and wasn’t to scared to hug me.
Anyone that didn’t tell me they want me to die.
Anyone that tried to talk to me but I said “shit’ll buff out” or “I’m fine” or “I’ll be ok” or anything of that nature.
Anyone who has see me cry uncontrollably.
Anyone I have loved.
I’m sorry.

BsidesSLC 2014 - Top 10 Mistakes Made With Using Microsoft As The Foundation - Adam Steed
Every year we ask our Identity Access Managements Systems to do more and support more types of authentication for example SAML or Smart Cards. At the heart of the majority of organizations are Microsoft Products like Active Directory, Certificate Services, and ADFS. Over the years I have seen some very commonly made mistakes from very large organizations to very small ones. Understanding the top 10 list you will be surprised really how common these mistakes are made. A few of the items on the list are: Why does my login randomly fail and the time server settings everyone forgets to make on Domain Controllers Forgetting to get a registered OID for your PKI and how this means we all can’t be friends Overcoming your fear of ADSI edit and places in the AD Schema everyone forgets to cleanup over time Not understanding the most important part of a PKI and hint it’s not the certificate server it’s a text file Why can’t we all just use SQL…the dangers and pitfalls of Virtualizing Microsoft IAM products that use JET databases All those DNS directories that start with underscore and why you should actually go inside them For More Information Please Visit: -

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An­trä­ge von Spätaus­sied­lern wei­ter auf er­höh­tem Ni­veau
Berlin – Der Zuzug von Spätaussiedlern und deren Familienangehörigen bleibt weiter auf hohem Niveau: Kamen im Jahr 2013 nur noch 2.427 Personen nach Deutschland, waren es im vergangenen Jahr 5.649 Spätaussiedler und Angehörige. Wie das Bundesinnenministerium mitteilte,… |