I need to calm down about this trip because I know mom’s just going to keep worrying and fretting enough for me and I don’t need to have that on me because otherwise I’m just gonna get sick.

An Update.

I am in perpetual shock.

I found three of the boys’ tumblrs.

asdjfhskljdh. I want to die.

They’re going to find my fanfiction and probably turn me in for violating some stalking law I didn’t even know existed.

Or maybe they’ll enjoy it….

Oh well. At least I don’t write smut.

Besides that. I am so sorry for not updating yesterday… (I don’t even think I need to tell you about my weird sleep patterns) But I will hopefully do another prompt later today after I sleep for a few hours, and I may update If It Makes You Happy.

(God I’m confusing myself)

I’m still recovering from the heart attack you guys gave me afterTHE NOTESfor A Love So Strong. So…um…