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The new Samsung spot is strangely relatable, and does NOT feature Apple bashing! 

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Britain (rightfully) wants nothing to do with these sexist American Apparel ads 

American Apparel’s latest ad campaign has just been banned in the U.K. — the sixth time ads for the company have been prohibited in less than three years.

On Wednesday, the U.K. Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) announced that it is banning American Apparel ads because they are “gratuitous and objectified women, and were therefore sexist and likely to cause serious and widespread offense.”

It’s not the first time they sold clothes with sex | Follow micdotcom



Two Kinds of People in This World

There are plenty of people in this world. And they all have different tastes when it comes to a lot of things. Or do they? The following ad campaign from Zomato, a website and app for foodies, says that actually there are only two kinds of people. And Zomato doesn’t just do it through one poster, they have a whole series of ads that support this.


The greatest idea for a billboard has been realized: one made entirely of cake.

Actually, 13,360 cakes. British confectionery brand Mr. Kipling and agency JWT London are the geniuses responsible for this gift to the the world.  Via

EDIT: Yes, they did let passers by eat the cake once it was all done!

"Everyday Feels Like Sunday"

(Version 2)

He stands out in the dark, on the fire escape
The yearning for a cigarette is nipping at his nape
He’s not sure what is wrong, but something isn’t right
It’s just feels like how it always feels every Sunday night.

Tomorrow is always looming, and tomorrow will have brought
Everything he’s been avoiding, to pay for the guilt that he has wrought
The air hangs so heavy; dead and dismal around his head
Sunday can never be enjoyed because tomorrow you’ll be dead.

The emptiness fills his lungs, as he inhales deep
He’s not sure if he should stay awake, or try to get some sleep.
Everyday might feel like Sunday, but he just has to pretend
That tomorrow will be better, and someday Sunday will end.

(Starring the Timetraveler Ki!  Grab his new LP Lawnmower Man” here!)

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