it’s been like 500 million years since the last one, but the next chapter of mis(h)adra, my comic about having epilepsy, is out!!! read it for free here or buy it here 。・:*:❀ (ृˊ͈ ꒳ृ ˋ͈ )ु 

i’m sorry for the super long delay — this has been a totally insane summer — but i’ve scheduled it so new parts will come out on the 15th of every month. yay ♡

hope y’all enjoy, and if you have any questions about epilepsy or comments or anything. please feel free to message me ♡♡♡


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alex gaskarth’s fluffy hair (◡‿◡✿)

alex gaskarth’s leg thing (◕‿◕✿) 

alex gaskarth’s butt ◕ ◡ ◕

alex gaskarth’s hands (ノ゜ω゜)ノ

alex gaskarth’s voice (▰˘◡˘▰)

alex gaskarth’s neck vein ∩(︶▽︶)∩

alex gaskarth’s huge ass heart (◠‿◠✿)

alex gaskarth (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

it’s the 15th! mis(h)adra #6 is here! read it, and if you love it, please buy it <3

i’ll talk more about it in detail later, but basically i’m going into a dialogue about a very underdiagnosed and unknown seizure called Complex Partial Status Epilepticus (which i’ve had episodes of before). as always, if you have any questions or thoughts about epilepsy, please feel free to message me ✩ happy reading! ✩✩


let’s talk about the Light, why not

i should note that my thinking on the Light, while rooted in my own observation, is just that — my observation, my own fanon.  not something i expect anyone else to adopt or agree with.  but it definitely informs how i write adrasteius (a priest-mage-guy) and every other Light-following character i’ve got rattling around in here.

first of all, i think it is important to note that in the earliest days of warcraft lore, the Light was quite tied with a generic brand of medieval catholicism; there’s even suggestions of like, monotheism and god and all that stuff.  however, it’s even more important to note that all of this was discarded VERY FAST and has not been part of current lore for like over ten years.

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(Open RP) ~ Wandering

It was late, but Adra couldn’t sleep; the siren had a lot on her mind. Reeve was angry at her, Angel kept trying to induct her into her harem, and she was still trying to get over her last break up. She had decided to take a walk along the beach, only the stars available to light her way. When Adra was about to head back along the shore, she noticed someone staring out at the ocean. 


She smiled at the stranger. “What are you doing out so late?” 

hi guys, it’s the 15th! mis(h)adra #8 is here! ( •⌄• ू )✧ it’s free to read on my website, and if you really like it, please buy a .pdf! the first half of this part has been my favorite scene to draw in the whole comic so far, so i hope y’all enjoy <3

if you have any comments or questions about epilepsy, please feel free to send me a message, tweet at me (@DELTAHEAD_), or email me at! i’m always happy to talk and answer and help as much as i can. happy reading! 

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could you make a haifa music masterpost?? i wanna have all her stuff/share them with peeps but it's tough finding good downloads (if this is asking too much/you don't wanna, thanks for the crazy amount of haifa on my dash as it is, you're an actual blessing)

Of course! some of my faves! (click)



ezzay ansak


yama layali


matolch li hadd


albi habb

aghoul ahwak

mosh adra istana

i will survive



ya ebn el halal

boukra bfarjik

bahrab men einik

ana haifa

ana am ehlam fik

makhatesh bali







olt eh

ya hayat albi



inta tani


nar el ashwak

ya majnoun

badi chouf



ya wad ya t2eel

ma t2eli kan w kan

ya wad ya heliwa

ma 3ande habib

teggi ezzay

I added some of her new songs from her new upcoming album also she’s working on a collaboration with kelly rowland and a promo for her new video “breathing you in” with jennifer looez’s ex is available on YouTube !
141213 - Junsu‘s 7-year good deeds under spotlight


K-pop boy band JYJ member Junsu’s good deeds for the past seven years were belatedly unveiled on Saturday.

According to news reports, the 28-year-old has made financial contribution since 2008 to the “Habitat for Humanity,” the house-building project for the poor, organized by Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Korea.

With the singer’s donation, the organization was able to build the 10th home in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province, for a man surnamed Oh who lost his home to the fire.

Started in March, the construction was completed in October. Oh’s family moved into the newly-built home on Tuesday.

Source: KPOP Herald

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