Check this beauty out!
#bvla white gold navel curve with white cubic zirconia with an elegant turquoise in a “rose setting” (also available in genuine diamond and white sapphires)

You can order a beautiful piece like this and others @adornmentpiercingprivatetattoo(760)565-2267 #adornmentpalmsprings

Remember quality gold body jewelry is not only jewelry but also an ASSET!

To all my clients and followers, Follow this jewelry company @bvla you’ll love there jewelry. (at Adornment Private Tattoo And Piercing Studios)

This post is for a few of my piercing friends and clients that had concerns with 3 fresh piercing in the tragus and how the healing would be. Here you go :D with the right anatomy, correct body jewelry, and the least amount of trauma as possible and a great client that listens and follows aftercare directions perfectly you get success! Well so far hahaha.
Ill be posting monthly photos until its completely healed.
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Fresh tongue piercing i did a couple of weeks ago on a great client. I used an #anatometal internally threaded shaft and 5mm disk on the right photo and for the top i used this this beautiful #bvla #14kyellowgold piece with a mint cz set in the center. #qualitybodyjewelry #josetallon #anatometal #bvla #piercings #palmsprings #adornmentpalmsprings #adornmentpiercingprivatetattoo #palmspringstattoo #palmspringstattooshop

This is one of the coolest females ive ever pierced and super intelligent. We did 8 piercings over the last 2 days. I pierced both eyebrows and inner cheeks with BMS body jewelry yesterday and switched out her acrylic to #evolvebodyjewelry faceted opalite single flare plugs. And then today she came back today changed her labret to #anatometal 6mm prong set princess cut blue opal. Then i pierced 2 BMS surface anchors that i hand polished myself (thank you to @svonr for educating me on how to up my polishing skills) with an #anatometal 4mm prong set princess cut blue opal tops/ends under each eye. Then i did 2 upper lip piercings with #neometal body jewelry with 3mm blue opal tops. Thank you Becky for getting such rad jewelry! #qualitybodyjewelry #palmdesert #palmsprings #adornmentpalmsprings #josetallon #palmspringstattoo #palmspringstattooshop #piercings

Random things that happen @adprnmentpiercingprivatetattoo. lol
Photos of yesterdays video/photo shoot. I hope you guys got the footage you needed :D. These guys were mad talented. Please tag yourselves :D @savvy760 thanks for the intro and having me be apart of your guys video. real honor! #madfun #randomday #lovemyjob #adornmentpalmsprings #palmspringstattooshop #palmspringstattoo #josetallon (at Adornment Private Tattoo And Piercing Studios)