When I look at the Masajid in countries and places I have visited and visit, I always tell myself these are edifices of the works of those who adorned the sunnah of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam.

Did you know that building masajid was such a vital practice of the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum and that this intensified more after the death of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam?

Yes, every city that the Muslim army conquered a masjid or masajid were built in it. The story of 'Utbah Ibn Ghazwan Radiyallahu Anhu the founder of city of Basra is a proof to this for he FIRSTLY built a masjid in this city and this was at the time of the caliphate of ‘Umar Ibn Al Khattab Radiyallahu Anhu.

This Caliph (Umar Ibn Al Khattab) had such love for masajid that during his reign, historical documents and statistics state that around 4000 Masajid were built. ALLAHU’AKBAR!

It was through his caliphate that the governors he assigned in countries became known for building Masajid. There is another one who was like ‘Utbah Ibn Ghazwan and he was 'Iyaad Ibn Ghanam Radiyallahu Anhu, the founder of the city of Jazira who founded a number of masajid in various parts of the Arabian peninsula.

We can never deny that the practice of planning and building of masajid by the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum were also based upon the saying of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam:

“Whoever builds a Masjid for the sake of Allah, Allah will build something similar for him in Paradise.”

Allahu’akbar! Do we not feel such love for the masajid? Knowing that the traces of these buildings were not just architectural history but Islamic history, that every single time we step inside a masjid, we are not only reminded of our worship to Allah Azza Wa Jall but also reminded of how the people before us have fought and given up their lives just so we get to taste a sweet and smooth sailing venture to our deen. 

Indeed, we might not be living in the same era in which the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum, but seeing these buildings all over our countries and hearing such call from them five times a day, wallahi my brothers and sisters in Islam do we not feel the urge to answer the call and pray?

Verily, building and being involve on such projects of reviving the sunnah such as building a masjid brings about such a spiritual uplifting in our souls. So, I urge you to go and help out but if chances are that we are not able to help build one, then at least let us respect and give preference to these places.

Remember the walls of these buildings are not mere walls or tiles or texture, if one can appreciate the architectural beauty of some secular building then I’m telling you, the masajid are not just of architectural beauty but a grandeur of your beautiful roots, the roots of your humanity and way of life, Islam.

And may we become among those people who love and adorn the sunnah of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam.



Story: Futhul Buldan by Al-Baladharee, p. 182
Hadith: Sahih Muslim
Picture: Grand Masjid in Paris, France built in 1926

Here’s a list of some ahadith and qur’an verses in regards to the grandeur of The Masjid


Your name is EPISCO CATALA, and you might just be one of the few subjugulators to question their own FAITH. Wait a minute—what?

That’s right. You question the Dark Carnival and all it stands for. Why do we call one another ‘brother’ and ‘sister’, but leave other bloods out of the question? Why are we superior? Is the context from which we draw our very beliefs warped? Was there a problem in possible needs for translation, in which certain texts have been omitted or, even worse, purposefully reworded just to tie us in? Why the violence against those who ‘oppose us’ when so many of us fail to follow what the Messiahs truly preach, anyways?

It’s time for a change, and so, you dare to REFORM. Goodbye adornment, goodbye indulgences, goodbye inquisitions, genocides, hatred—hello brothers, hello sisters, hello acceptance. You accept the tired, the poor, the hungry, the needy with OPEN ARMS, and you’re NOT AFRAID OF DYING EARLY FOR THIS CAUSE. If you are only but a CATALYST for a REFORMATION, then so be it.


Little blurb about Espico, everybody! Obviously, as you can see, his story is very much inspired by the well-known Martin Luther. He was a huge impact on history and religion, and it’s all very, very interesting. So, from a historical standpoint it’s going to be used as an inspiration!

art/character © me

but imagine waking up to ashtonlooking down at you, a small yet adoring smile adorning his lips as his hazel eyes seem to sparkle as your brown eyes meet, his lips slightly apart as if a phrase is threatening to tumble out. his large hands would run over the curve of your back before finding their place behind your neck, right above your nape as he pulls you closer towards him, one of his hands running down your brown hair before a chuckle bubbles up from his throat and escapes his lips as they press down against your own ever so gently. 

after the last bit was broken

I knew I was done

whatever had been

was gone

wrecked day spun
thick night churned

adorned with favorite baubles

I forgot they are thin

they cracked too

I was left bare

I will bury myself
beneath ritual
hoping it’s enough

redeemed under neon
freshly primed lashing

seeking significance in charts
I was too far gone
treading in a tar pit
held together in a loose leaf binder

The contributions of the Moors to European societies is seen through the appearance of the Moor’s head in European heraldry, from the 13th century. By 1400 a moor - as a crowned head in profile, or occasionally as a full figure - was relatively common in German heraldry. In time, its usage spread to almost every European country.

The home town of Pope Benedict (2005-2013) is adorned with a crowned-head Moor which may be seen at the Freising castle and on the town’s official coat of arms and flag. The pope uses the same representation of the Moor on his official papal coat of arms. As the pope put it in his autobiography, the “caput Ethiopicum or the Moor of Freising” has been used by Freising bishops for over 1,000 years. More importantly, he admits that he does “not know its meaning.” Variations of this Moor can be found on nearly 20 municipal coats of arms throughout Germany.


I always think of those two star-crossed lovers when I take in the essence of what is a Dolce & Gabbana runway show. Their Spring 2015 show was no less romantic, pairing Juliet, who has the curves of a bombshell Italian princess, in the season’s finest black, red and white pieces!

Top. Gilded T-Straps, adorned with roses, balls and spikes in some instances.

Middle. Clear box bag with a golden top-handle and pierced heart, front and center.

Bottom. Beautiful accessories and crowned hair clips!



See backstage pictures from Iceberg’s spring/summer 2015 show.

What was the inspiration behind Alexis Martial’s spring/summer 2015 collection for Iceberg? The dragon fruit, according to the show notes. Fruity. It was in the pink - a true-to-life hue; in the speckled print - like the insides of the fruit; and (very literally) in the dragon fruit motifs and adorned the sweaters. Like we say, fruity. But aside from a reference to the fruit of the genus Stenocereus, there were scuba zips, mountaineering belts and baseball jersey pinstripes. A reference to three of SoCal’s most popular outdoor pursuits? (Martial is a Southern Californian himself.) Come the summer, this is a collection, that like the dragon fruit, people are going to want to have in their possession. Though for different reasons, obvs. 

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans


By Ted Stansfield

“The king adorns himself like a woman [wearing necklaces] round his neck and [bracelets] on his forearms, and he puts on a high cap decorated with gold and wrapped in a turban of fine cotton. He sits in audience or to hear grievances against officials in a domed pavilion around which stand ten horses covered with gold-embroidered materials. Behind the king stand ten pages holding shields and swords decorated with gold, and on his right are the sons of the [vassal] kings of his country wearing splendid garments and their hair plaited with gold. The governor of the city sits on the ground before the king and around him are ministers seated likewise. At the door of the pavilion are dogs of excellent pedigree who hardly ever leave the place where the king is, guarding him. Round their necks they wear collars of gold and silver studded with a number of balls of the same metals.”
- Al-Bakri describing Tunka Manin
— with Senyokoko Ringane
Kings and Queens of Afrika · Apr 15, 2013 ·
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Who are you?

Lean On Me // Matt & Tatum

To say Matt was worried about Tatum was an understatement. First, she had texted him out of nowhere asking where she might be able to get her hands on weed. Then, not even a few hours later, she had texted him — presumably drunk this time given her barely decipherable messages — asking him to pick her up from outside of the Alpha Delta house. Sure, Matt was friends with more than a few of the Alpha boys, but he couldn’t imagine what Tatum would be doing at the house alone.

Upon arrival at the rival frat house, Matt found his friend sitting in the grass, an uncharacteristically solemn expression adorning her face. “Hey, Tates,” he said softly, taking a seat next to her on the lawn. “Why are you here?”

This necklace was inspired by two things: the gates to the Rainbow Bridge in Thor and the Gallifreyan language. The brass charm is attached to a round cosmos charm that I made from shrinkable plastic (note that due to the nature of shrinkable plastic, this necklace is not intended for water since the ink is not water proof). A Swarovski crystal rhinestone adorns the top of the charm. It is attached to the antique gold chain with additional beading. The chain is approximately 24” and is nickel and lead free according to my materials manufacturer. (via Cosmos Rainbow Bridge)

friendly-tactician-unova said:

(M!A Off and male Uno) "!!!" he blushes. "O-Olivia, what are you-?"

Olivia rips her hand back a blush adorning her cheeks, “I-I was just- Er- Oh I don’t know!” She hid under the blanket, her courage now sufficiently shattered.
“Oh gods, What was I thinking!?” She squeaked to herself.

30 Days of Devotion: Day 4 (Krishna)


A Favorite Myth or Myths about this deity:

Oh my god I have so many. He has so many. Urgh.

My favorite is the Rasa Lilia, the Dance of Divine Love. As the moon rises, Krishna places His lips on His flute to let out His divine call of love. The gopis, (cowherd girls), hear it and are so allured they forget all their responsibilities. They leave their families and run to meet Krishna. Krishna takes every single gopi in His arms and leads them to a sanctuary by the river to attend to her toilette with His own hands. He arranges their hair, applies their makeup, and adorns each of them with ornaments.

The gopis are arranged into a wide circle where each dance with Him. Heavenly instruments joined with the flute to provide music and flowers were rained on their heads. The gopis, so absorbed in Krishna, did not notice how many of Him there were. Each one felt she was alone with her Lord, clinging to and embracing Him, and Him embracing and caressing her in return. The dance went on for a long time, and as the gopis tired, each spent their own time with Krishna. Caressing him, kissing him, adoring him. The only time their joy was dissolved was when they would get greedy with him. As soon as a gopi desired to keep Krishna all to herself, he would disappear from her arms- for God belongs to everyone equally.

However, as the gopi would begin to sulk and feel lost and rejected, He would reappear. “How could you think that I had left you?” He would ask tenderly, “Not for one moment where you out of My sight. At every step you took, I took one beside you. Every time you faltered I held you up.” His words affirmed that the Lord is ever with those who have placed their lives in His hands. A life once entrusted into His hands is safe forever. Every full moon this occurred. Krishna would call the gopis to Him with His flute, and He would take them all individually and serve them. He would comb their hair, apply the sacred red dot to their foreheads, anoint them with perfume, and adorn them with jasmine garlands. Then He would lead them to the banks of the river and dance the Rasa with them, and in the morning they would return home again.

Story paraphrased from the beautiful book, “The Play of God” by Vanamali. (9/10 would recommend, it is gorgeously written and contains all of Krishna’s stories). 

anonymous said:

"She’s there simply because of Darren." Absolutely. Hollywood is just a beautifully adorned mafia. The empire of fake and hypocrisy. She's there because FOX wanted to give her (or she wanted FOX to give her...) something more valuable than just money for her bearding (a work at a television network and visibility). Maybe CC are delusional, but I prefer to believe in something that is not real rather than in something fake that someone else want me to believe.

So would I. Yeah it could turn out we’re wrong about crisscolfer but there’s no fucking way mi/arren is anything less than a sham. It’s fake. It’s smoke and mirrors and I would rather be known as delusional than be known for believing something that’s that fake. Mi/arrenites need to open their eyes.

yeonkkoch-agma said:

"Krory, how did your mission go?" he asked with a small smile. Fresh bandages adorned his wrists once again, but he didn't scratch at them this time.

"M-mission?  Oh yes, right—!  It went well, uhm, the turnout wasn’t quite what we expected…  but everything went fine.  No, or very little, lives were lost."


Brush, brush, brush….

Tousle, tousle, tousle….

"Annnnd… ," Bubblegum drawled, "Finished!"

She set down her hair brush and looked in the mirror before her. Her hair was pushed back into a bun with braids adorning each side. If she didn’t have near eternity on her side, she would have grown incredibly patient with her hair ages ago and shaved it off. 


At that note she stood up and examined the rest of her body in the mirror. She wore a red velvet dress that hugged her body nicely, thin wisps and tendrils swaying with her body whichever direction she moved.

'What else am I forgetting… Oh, yeah!'

The princess grabbed her clutch and opened it up to make sure the contents were still inside. She couldn’t bring her usual backpack with her, as that would look suspicious. Because of the small size, she had to bring smaller tools and weapons. No problem for her, really.

"Finn, I’m almost read-" Bubblegum stopped as her eyes fell on the compact blush sitting in her clutch.

"Right, I have to look in love," she grumbled to herself, swiping the makeup and a thin powder brush. She rubbed the brush against the loose powder and spread it across her cheeks until they became rosy and flush.

"I’m ready!" she called out, scrambling for her high heels and shuffling towards the door. "Are you there, Finn?"


Brilliant and white adorned with feathers of the dove
Leathery and black adorned with feathers of the crow
Myths say one fights for virtue, for protection, and for love
While the other seeks to drag you further further down below. 

Brilliant and white adorned with feathers of the dove
Leathery and black adorned with feathers of the crow
Humanity desires the very thing it thinks it deserves
But how shall one take what one can’t preserve? 

We can only hope that the day comes before our end
That we will find a way for wing and flesh to mend. 

The Woodsman in Undertown (Open)

Why Nash had ever been chosen to represent the Wyld at this event he would never know. He had never been one for parties, and he was not comfortable with going to a ‘rave’ so soon after his last hunt. But his master had requested it and Nash had never been one to say no. So, bloody and with a new gash on his right cheek, he had taken the invitation and began preparing for this new experience.

A dance in a garden was a statement.

A dance in a dead garden a slightly more significant one. 

In keeping with the ‘modern’ theme that the other Sidhe had been interested in lately, Nash had forgone his usual outfit of studded leather and a cloak for a simple black outfit that the woman at the store had said suited his frame. Leather pants that ran into military-style boots and what they had said was some form of muscle shirt adorned his body, with a necklace made of silver bearing a small bow and arrow hanging openly for all to see. 

"Court is now in session." The new Winter Lady’s voice carried throughout the garden, seeming to come from the music itself. He forced himself not to flinch toward any of the small weapons hidden on his person as a hideous chorus of cheers from the dancers rose from the floor. 

He was paying attention to the beings below, and didn’t notice the person beside him until they touched his elbow.

O children of Adam, We have bestowed upon you clothing to conceal your private parts and as adornment. But the clothing of righteousness - that is best. That is from the signs of Allah that perhaps they will remember. - Surah Al-Araf Verse 26

In the Dead of Night - A Smornby Fanfiction

Rating: SFW - Mushy crap, RPS

Heyy look it’s my first fic on this blog woooo it’s just a short drabble I wrote while testing out ZenWriting so hope you enjoy! also it’s in Smith’s perspective I thought I’d point that out

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