My youngest son (8) brought this back from VBS today :) He is the one that has expressed a calling to the priesthood since he was about 6. He really does love praying and takes it very seriously.

A lot of people are very drawn to him because he is so soft spoken and has big bright eyes. He always waves to strangers (unfortunately) and tells them to have a good day. When he introduces himself he says, “Hi! My name is Payton, do you go to Mass?”

Pretty much every time I hang out with my friends they always say, “He is just so loving and sweet maybe he will marry my daughter someday haha!” I don’t have the heart to tell any of them he doesn’t plan on the marriage vocation.

Sometimes I see him in the yard just staring off in space. Not sure where he goes to in his day dreams. If you ever meet him for some reason, even if only a few minutes, be prepared for him to tell you that he loves you while he gives you a big hug.

I can’t believe I was almost forced to abort him. Everyone kept telling me he would be a reminder of my abuser. When I look at him I just remember that when you trust God, when you say yes to Him, you will find comfort and healing in Him.

I adore her, what more can be said. She is not perfect but always unapologetically herself. Bold and wild-blooded. Her love is like a fist fight I always lose but get back up on my feet for over and over. There are times I have tried to shake her but like a mountain of car tires on fire — there’s just no extinguishing her. I adore her without question, like do-or-die survival, like the gasp gasp gasp for breath before life, at last, leaves you.
—  Beau Taplin || Do-or-die


A tribute to My Mad Fat Diary. It finished off my summer with joy and heart-wrenching break-ness. Words don’t work for me either so painting will have to do. I hope this expresses how I feel towards the show, its characters and the actors too (but lets keep pretending they don’t exist).  

Acrylic on Catridge

All my single Catholic followers:

This Valentines day you have a date. His name is Jesus and He deserves you more the anyone else.

Forget the flowers, box of chocolates or even a card.

Get yourself into Adoration.

Lord, inflame our hearts and our inmost beings with the fire of Your Holy Spirit, that we may serve You with chaste bodies and pure minds. Through Christ our Lord. Amen