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"This idea that you can grow out of YA books very much gets on my nerves, and when someone says it, ugh! Stories are stories are stories are stories. […] You’re no way superior because you read book of the label adult. And when you say that, when you say grew out of it, you’ve matured, you’ve been littering everyone who enjoys that category of books. It’s like you’re trying to put those people down for the quality of content, of literature, that they enjoy. Have you matured passed Harry Potter? Have you matured passed Percy Jackson? Because those are children’s books, it’s labeled as a children’s book. These are labels, they are labeled are YA books, that is it, it’s a label. The quality of its content it’s not determined by the section it is seen in the bookstore.”

✌️two of my favorite Y peeps who have trouble following the pool rules but seriously have a problem with rule #4 … Just saying - lol loud cackling laughing noises travel to the parking lot at Dawn at least twice a week @lledesma 💋 they just have too much fun! 😳😜😘 #ymcaofkauai #leis #livingkauaiadornments #adorablepeople #kauai #lovemyflowers #fragrantflowers