30 Day Selfie Challenge
Day 11: Eyes Animals

Swapping days again. Animals would have been day 19. But I thought it would be a good one to do today, because today is the day I got myself a new kitten! So, lovely followers: meet Posie! :)

My managers found her in a bush this morning. Since they knew I had wanted to get a kitten, and I was the only person they knew who had past experience with cats, they phoned me and asked if I could take her on, even temporarily. Within the hour she was at my flat, complete with all the supplies I would need from our shop. The iPod in the third photo gives you an idea of just how tiny she is - so I was a bit nervous about taking her on, not for lack of past experience with tiny kittens, but just because I thought she would probably be terrified.

She was nervous at first, but she settled in surprisingly quickly. She found herself a spot at the side of my sofa, beneath the window where the sun was shining in, and settled there. Then she became a bit more confident with me, allowing me to sit her on my lap for a bit here and there. That soon progressed. She is currently sitting on my chest and trying to catch my thumbs as I type, purring happily, as she has been every time she comes near me since earlier this evening. I adore her already.

I wanted to give her a name vaguely magic-based, or relevant to the colouring of her eyes or fur. Misty, Topaz and Nimbus were all contenders. But as I was just settling down on Opal, Posie popped into my head out of nowhere - and it just fit. You know when you just know something’s right? I still had all these other names I liked, and I’d never even considered the name Posie before - but within minutes, I couldn’t think of her as anything else.

So, yes. Here is my selfie, and here is my new kitten. I have no doubt that she’s going to feature a fair bit on my blog from here on in. This is a change I’m happy with the prospect of! :)