I can’t even with Tyler

I feel like I need to explain this picture a little. So, this was taken on this past New Years. We didn’t have any specific plans and to sum it up we ended up going over a friend’s house to drink and set off fireworks. Somehow we ended up getting in a huge fight. She drove away..And I may or may not have thrown a shoe at her car. Anyway, we ended up going back home to sit on the bedroom floor looking tired and gross from crying and screaming all night and just talk..ALOT. I realized that we really didn’t need this magical New Years extravaganza. She took that picture after we remembered we hadn’t taken any that night and I couldn’t have taken a better one. It is just so raw and after all the crying and fighting it just really shows us at our happiest. Nothing will ever be perfect and that night was far from it but it ended up being one of my best memories with her I’ve had. Just wanted to share and show how the bad moments really make the good ones THAT much more special. Thanks for reading 😊