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a few shots behind the scenes from our portrait studio at @AdoptNY yesterday. thanks everyone for coming out and supporting in the scorching heat! pet accessories designer bethany obrecht of found my animal and I donated our photo skills by manning the photo tent at the pet adoption event yesterday. we took portraits of all the dogs who need to be rescued/adopted. so soon you will see their portraits up on the various rescue groups’ sites, and you can find or help find a new home for these pups soon!


This is a photoseries I started in New York last year. I took them on my computers Photobooth.

All of the animals you see in these pictures were left somewhere to die and yet the absolute love and trust they showed me while fostering them was so amazing that I wanted to capture these little moments that showed the incredibly resilient, loving and forgiving nature of rescue animals.

The ‘peering out of a cage’ image of dogs and cats facing euthanasia is equally as ineffective a portrayal of the lives and complex issues behind the images as the ‘starving child covered in flies’ has become to the human welfare issues in Africa. With these pictures I hoped to show people a different side to animal rescue; how as a fosterer or adopter you don’t just become a pet owner but a pillow, a parent, a friend and a protector.

#Repost from @helpingshelterdogs with @repostapp —- By @bullyprojectnyc “Say hello to Charlie Brown, a two year old pitbull we just rescued. He has lived with dogs, cats and young kids in prior homes, and is now liking for his forever home! Contact us for more information!
Located in New York City!
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Handsome Rio was surrendered by his family to the Staten Island Animal Care and Control Shelter…This super sweet 3yo/15lb black and white Shih-Tzu is now looking for a new family! One that will be with him for the rest of his life!
Could you be that family?? If so, fill out an application on our website - - Rio is waiting!#adopt #adoptny #accsurvivor #anarchyanimalrescue #shihtzu #saveashihtzu #adoptashih

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…In Greek Mythology, the Titans were known as the elder gods that reigned supreme over the earth during the Golden Age. Titan, lives up to his namesake of being a mythical creature of incomparable strength and beauty - he commands attention. Any angle you look at him, he is just stunning!! His all white coat, has accents of brindle patches, and his muscular physique is balanced out and softened by his beautiful eyes, that will be always ready to meet your eyes with a gentle gaze. He is noble/majestic, and I feel like I am walking taller and safe with him by my side.

In addition to his breathtaking good looks, Titan is also incredibly affectionate, and very focused on pleasing his person!!! He likes other dogs, but would do best in a household with no cats. He displays all the attributes of making a wonderful family pet as he is calm, well mannered, and waits to be invited before jumping on a couch where he will greet you like a long lost hero coming back from war. Titan is past the puppy crazy stage at around 5-6 yrs of age and 70lbs. He is good on leash, and more or less will keep pace with you, but needs a strong hand as he is a big boy. He comes neutered, fully vaccinated, and microchipped to boot - a total package ready to go!!! Titan, currently is a god without a kingdom reign over, who’s heart is bigger than his meaty head.Come and meet him, and you will soon learn you need him, as much as he needs you - please consider adopting him today!!!

Fran Grimaldi
Anarchy Animal Rescue
Staten Island, NY
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Introducing - Phil, Chucky, Lill, Tommy and Stu…

This family of 5 was left abandoned in a house in NYC - As you can see by their intake photos they were not well cared for…They are now safe with Anarchy Animal Rescue and will never know pain or abandonment again!

They all will be looking for their furever homes soon!

Phil, Chucky and Lill are 2 years old

Tommy is 4 years old and Stu is 8 years old

If you would like to make a donation towards their care please hit the “donate”button on our website -

You can also contact us for more information - #adopt #adoptny #anarchyanimalrescue #foster