Photoshop comes chock-full of brushes for artists and photographers alike. That is, brushes that are preset to render a specific look or style for a creative’s taste. But to take advantage of the benefits of a pen tablet, you should consider optimizing them a bit. That is, tweaking a brush’s settings to better suit your specific workflow. Learn how in this tutorial video from Wacom.


Pokemon In Real Life.

I’m making a series of these. I wanted to make 10 first before I make more to show you my work so far. I won’t be taking any requests for these or for anything else. I’ll be working on more of these using Photos I took of my trips and my illustrations of Pokemon. I don’t want any Ideas or suggestions. :) Just enjoy my work.

Thank you.


Adobe Summit 2015 (apr 30, 2015) p2/2 (part 1 here)

- like photobombing

- about David Bowie: “no comment.”… ahaaa…

- Word association:

oscars  - fun
bbc - bests, brilliant, fantastic, intelligent, entertainment
marketing - ugh…
hollywood - yay! sunshine, fun, traffic ugh…
data - information
cumberbatch - me

quiveroftrickarrows asked:

Do you have any recommendations for editing software for beginners? Like ones that aren't expensive but also aren't crap?

I’d say grab Adobe CC.

The reason is, instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a program, you can pay monthly (think Netflix/Hulu/Etc but for editing and photo programs).

Don’t use it one month? Cancel.

Starting up again? Renew.

Bonus points, Adobe gives discounts to students. So if you’re in college you may be able to get it at discount rate.

@endz2endz team member @mr_montgomery96 interview with Uncle Rafool today at Woolwich Studio.

Are you 15-21 years old?
Do you want to learn how to take stunning photos?
Do you want to learn how to shoot awesome films?

FREE Take Aim & Shoot photography and filmmaking workshops /coming up on /Tuesday 12th of May to the 9th of June at Impact Hub Brixton.

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Adobe Summit 2015 (apr 30, 2015) p1/2 (part 2 here)

- we got some private life things “nesting w my family” at the very beginning… wow. am i surprised?… no.

- talking about how fame, & succes change ppl, how media & fan can effect on him (social media, gossiping, faster info changing, etc)

- at least now they talking about his works… w enthusiasm :) & animated. & the audience laffing, entertained :)

- talking Turing, about his life, his works, (what we already heard) then now Sherlock…

- social media: how ppl taking photos of him… tricks, & then they got it he had the “f*ck u” expression
- the moment when he performed the scene how he’s walking on -uhm- somewhere & ppl recognize him & starting *texting*… & when they got the photo he like: 

gif credit: sherlockspeare (that was hillllarious!! thanks for creating this one!)

he once said something like this:
if you wanna a photo w me, just ask for it
, i’m ok w it, but acting like a spy & think i’m not noticing… *ugh*