As long-time fans of Adobe, our team is excited to announce that their creative apps Illustrator Line and Photoshop Sketch will now support Pencil.

In our Paper 2.1 update released in November, you may have noticed that we introduced integration with Adobe Creative Cloud. This allows you to export drawings to Creative Cloud storage, and send Paper sketches directly to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator on your desktop.

Today, we continue to collaborate with Adobe by adding their creativity apps to our growing list of Pencil-ready apps. Just connect Pencil in Illustrator Line or Photoshop Sketch to take advantage of Pencil’s palm rejection and erase features.

With Pencil being up to 20% off until December 27th, it’s yet another great reason to start sketching!

See where to buy Pencil near you.

We interrupt these patterns to bring you a special freebie just in time for Christmas. I have taken some of my patterns and created some 8.5x11” printable wrapping sheets you can print at home.

Download Here:


Colors and some animation!! And some more progress to shots to show how I initially start my work to the end.

I get scared with tying down because I tend to lose some of the raw energy with the first pass roughs. Most of the time - my roughs conveys more emotion. I tend to keep my roughs very loose and basic so that I can focus on more of the performance aspects of the character. Sometimes, its hard to translate the graphic sensibility of the roughs to a tie down. 


This is Spitball China team, next year they will dismiss, I wish them have a good new job, and work hard, and good luck