Anna and Kristoff are happy to spend some quality time together on the market, while Elsa has an appointment with the summer queen.

There it is, the coloration took me about 8-9 hours and the outlines probably about 20 hours. I’m a bit out of shape. The last time I drew those two was in december 2013. My style is still the same, but their faces have changed sooo much, compared to my other pictures of them. Kristoff is always easy to pull of but Anna was quite hard, and this time I wanted to do her justice.

I will definitely try to draw more because I realised how much I missed it.

The only thing I did in the last months was private commissions for companies. Mostly boring stuff. The payment was always nice but there was no joy or passion..then I was playing around with my LE dolls of Anna and Kristoff and I just tought he could pull of a nice Aladdin and Anna would look cool with Jasmin inspired clothes. In the beginning I wanted to make a variation of her Frozen Fever birthday outfit, therefore the sunflower, then I choose the color palette of her winter outfit. I also didn’t drew the pattern on Kristoffs sash. I kept it simple.

Thank you so much, for all the nice comments! I hope you like the colored version even more. This is for all Kristoff and Anna fans!

Outlines: Pencil - Coloration: Adobe Photoshop Elements 4

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