My best-selling set of Photoshop brushes, The MEGAPACK, was just updated with six great new brushes! 
1. The Bristle 6 brush is perfect for grass or hair details, etc. - very versatile and has a great feel.
2. The Old Tech Pens emulate the feeling of drawing on toothy paper with a Micron Pigma pen that is starting to run low on ink and has been put through some use.
3. The Belgian Comics inker brush was inspired by the linework of two of my heroes: Uderzo and Franquin.
4. The Clean as a Whistle inker brush is the smoothest inker I have ever made - it is meant to emulate the feel of drawing with the standard Manga Studio inking tool.
5. The Big Bad Wolf is a big fun mess. You can make all kinds of rough, painterly marks with it and it is truly a standout in the pack.

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Adobeのオンラインマガジン「Adobe Inspire Magazine」に、先日のCreative Cloud広告の仕事ついて インタビュー載せていただきました〜ん! Adobe featured my interview & Creative Cloud Mosaic work on Adobe Inspire Magazine!! inspire.adobe.com #adobe #interview #squid #art

@fkatwigs #illustration, based in the original photo by David Burton.

#FKAtwigs # #vector #portrait #illustrator #artwork #digitalart #creative #texture #music #artist #experimental #singer #adobe #wacom #behance #BestVector #face #hair #eye #Bulgari #jewellery #septum (en Doctor Zamenhof Estudio)

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Frozen program, spinning wheel of death? Haven’t saved in awhile too?!? This will fix it, pass it on. #lifesaver

Looking Out My Back Door: My back door is actually quite a bit different than this — for one thing it exists. But looking out at the swing set and wilted flowers of my back yard doesn’t begin to compare with this mountain view in Big Bend NP. This particular shell of a house is on the western side of the park but adobe ruins are scattered throughout. Some even have doors.