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If you’re following me, chances are you’re also following betypeByron, the guy behind the site, needs your help while he and his family are going through a very difficult period in their lives. His mother is currently battling Stage 3 uterine cancer and he is trying to raise enough money to pay for the very expensive treatment. 

You can donate to his Indiegogo Campaign and as an alternative you can buy this as a print in support of his mother and millions others fighting cancer around the world. You can also get phone covers and t-shirts. All gains go towards Byron and his mother.

I recommend reading more directly from him and checking out the Type Against Cancer tag here on tumblr.

Thank you!


A Day Out ||Kurasaki-Twins||

   With a tiny hop in his step the male hummed quietly to himself, his head tucked into his sweater pockets. It was a little warmer out today, compared to the others so Israel wore a light hoodie under the layers of shirts that were beneath. His shoes scraped against the pavement as he turned the next corner, seeing the antique shop ahead with its Closed sign. Unfortunately, today, it would stay closed.

   Walking right past it to another store that he had been looking forward to going to, he slowly pushed the door open. Immediately he was engulfed by the enticing smell of old book pages, and warmth. Behind the counter of the bookstore, was his new friend. After a few days of building up the courage and planning, he was finally going to ask.


   "Hello there, Luka" the male said, approaching the table slowly so as to not startle her. It seemed all the other times he had done just that.. Examing the counter and seeing the book that was picked for this month, he lifted it off its stand and glanced over the back before putting it in its rightful place. "I wanted to ask you a little question" he said to the other with a tiny twitch of a grin. "Would you like to get coffee?"