31 Days of Creepy: The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Here’s what went down at Dyatlov Pass in February of 1959:

  • Nine experienced ski hikers went missing, and their bodies were found a couple weeks later.
  • They were found scattered within several hundred meters of each other. It took months to recover all nine bodies.
  • Their tent had been ripped open from the inside, and their footprints in the snow led away from it.
  • They were in various states of undress, and barefoot or in socks. Some of them appeared to have wrapped themselves in clothing cut from already-fallen comrades.
  • Five of them were determined to have died of hypothermia. Three others had suffered massive fractures to their skulls and chests, akin to a car crash—though they had no soft tissue injuries. One (and only one) was missing her tongue.
  • High levels of radioactive contamination were detected on some of their clothes.
  • At least one relative remarked after the funerals that the hikers’ skin had turned deep brown in color. (*they were some pale fuckers)
  • Soviet officials mumbled something about their deaths being caused by a “compelling natural force” and then they sealed the documents relating to their inquest. Some of the files still have not been made public.
  • What the fuck?
  • I mean, what the fuck?

People like to try and “debunk” this one but I’ve yet to see a theory that accounts for all the weird shit going on here. Except Cthulhu. (Well, more accurately, Ithaqua.) ph’nglui mglw’nafh Ithaqua R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.