As college decisions continue to be released, please don’t send anons to bloggers asking if they were admitted. Some of us are still waiting to hear back, and others feel the decision, no matter which one, is too private to share. College decisions are a game of luck, and they are no ones business but the applicant’s. Please be respectful of study bloggers, and don’t harass someone for getting into Stanford but choosing to stay in-state. If you really want to know, kindly ask without anon.

Also, friendly reminder if you’re a person posting, “omg I got into Harvard, Yale, Mit, and Stanford what do I do my life is so hard help” you’re a prick.

At this point the majority of our decisions for Fall 2015 Freshmen Applicants have gone out. Congratulations to all of our admitted #Victors2019!

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For those of you who will be moving on to other schools, thank you for the time you spent with us and especially for all your tumblr questions. We wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.

violetinkwell sorulan:

Hi! I have just been accepted to Bennington and it is currently my number one choice! I'm really excited and can't wait to visit. Bennington is pretty much my dream school, but 800 students seems almost intimidatingly small. What is the social life like at Bennington? How does the size contribute to that? Thanks in advance!

Hey!! So we get this question a lot, which makes sense because it’s a really good one. The truth is that the small community is a central part of the academic and social Bennington experience. I feel it contributes to student life in many ways— specifically, I always feel that there is a lot happening on campus because of our small student body. There is a lot of collaborative and individual initiative to create things to do on campus, and with such a close community, students are actually able to bring their ideas for on-campus activity to life. For example, if you have an idea for a party/event/visiting performer/club, chances are that you can bring it to Student Life, your house chairs or your friends and can actually make it happen!!

In a usual week, there are music concerts from visiting and student bands, events created by clubs and organizations, a series of discipline hosted events (for example: visual art exhibitions, film screenings, readings by visiting poets, science workshop, drama and dance performances) and there are larger and smaller parties which are hosted by houses and individual students— and this all comes from our small size.

At times, I feel like I want to be surrounded by more people, but it’s also pretty easy to be reminded of how many people I have yet to get to know better (there are so many) and the ~**~possibilities~**~ that come with that.

When I was a prospective student, I worried about size when thinking about student life and events, so I addressed your question from this angle. If you have something else on your mind, please feel free to email me at, and we can talk more!


Also, Alan sums it up pretty perfectly here!

The first step to any grad school visit is information gathering!

Makes sense, right? I mean, you’re going to be trying to impress a lot of people during each grad visit, and what better way to impress them by showing how knowledgeable and excited you are to go to their school!

Therefore, I suggest looking at each school’s graduate admission webpage as well as each department page in order to put together a little document to store all the information you’ve gathered. . 

Not only will this be a nice way to keep track of the piles of information each school will throw at you, but it will also serve as a great way to compare offers once accepted and a study guide that you can look over before your meetings.

Here are some important things I feel are important to keep track of:

  • Stipend: (Is it suitable for the cost of living of the area)
  • Fees/Tuition: How much of my stipend is going to be used to cover these costs? Is this affordable? Do they have financial aid programs?
  • Health Insurance: Is it provided? How much will it cost? 
  • Fall Reimbursement: Are they helping you move to their school in the fall?
  • Housing: Is housing guaranteed? Will I need to commute from off-campus?
  • Average completion time: Most schools say 5 - 6 years depending on department. How much of your life are you going to dedicate to get a Ph.D?
  • Course requirements: Some departments are really strict with their course requirements. Will the amount of courses you need to take interfere with other things such as research, home life, etc?
  • TA Requirements: If you don’t like teaching, this could be a deal breaker…
  • Lists of Professors and their research: Try and focus on the professors you are planning to meet during your visit. It looks good if you have an idea of what their research entails.
  • Process of advancing to candidacy/graduating: How many hoops are you going to have to jump through just to graduate?

Of course, add whatever you think is most important to you regarding each school and provide suggestions of anything I might have left out.

Best of luck!

Fun Fact #21: After years of complaints about the ACT Science Section, we have decided to change it. Beginning in 2016, the ACT Science Section will take place in a research lab and require the test-taker to design, conduct, and replicate a valid experiment using pre-selected chemicals in under 20 minutes. A 36 can only be obtained if the test-taker makes a significant scientific discovery within the allotted time period.

Pi Day is coming! Are you ready? President Reif is. 

On Pi Day 3/14/15 9:26:53 a.m. ET (3.141592653…), applicants find out if they are accepted to MIT. 

Reblog if you love pi: 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286…

anonim sorulan:

If we ask a question on here un-anonymously, will you view our tumblr pages and if so, will you deem us inappropriate or unprofessional and use it against us in the application process? All my life I've heard not to post anything bad on social media because colleges will look down on it and now I'm scared and regret being un-anonymous for a question I've asked on here. Not that I post anything horrible, but it is pretty raunchy but all in humor.

We will not look at your tumblr page no matter how awesome your tumblr name is. Rest assured, even if we did, we probably wouldn’t have any idea who you are and we definitely wouldn’t be adding it to your record or anything like that. That would just be a jerk move on our part. FURTHERMORE, we (the tumblr folks) aren’t the ones who review applications (those awesome people are down the hall). Our non-social-media duties include designing all the fun invitations, booklets, posters, t-shirts, and ultimately (hopefully) Admit Packs that you all get throughout the year. So, please, do not fear to be un-anonymous! It allows us to respond to you privately and that’s super helpful for everyone. 

(Also, we all have personal accounts… we know what tumblr is like.)

You should be invested in the things that really mean something to you… Explore! Choose quality over quantity - you don’t have to do a million things to get into college. Put your heart into a few things that you truly care about and that will be enough.
—  MIT Admissions (read the whole post here)